Men reveal their secret Relationship Advice

Contrary to what you may have experienced before, Real Men are looking for a Queen like you. Fierce and full of love. You are their biggest turn on.


Enjoy the benefits of listening into their confession truths!!

It's called 'Real Men Reveal' for a very good reason!

Are you frustrated trying to understand the minds of men?

Are you craving a love that's your Ally? Longing to understand what motivates men to commit? Wondering how to inspire a man to co-rule rather than conquer?

Craving a love that doesn't overtake you?

Imagine having the secret insights into the minds of men so you never surrender your power again.  

Real Men (Kings) are sick of being misunderstood and pigeonholed as being elusive, pig-headed controlling boys.  

What if we all just understood and liked each other again? As the Allies, we are meant to be? That's my plan!!

So, while my King and I were touring across America on our Harley, an amazing idea sprung to me!

I asked women to give me the most popular questions they wanted to ask men.  (I would have loved to ask more! But that's for another Series!) 

I gathered a group of brave, open-hearted King (Real Men) who agreed to confess their truths! They remain anonymous for a good reason. I wanted them to reveal all..and they did!

They are from various cultures and at differing stages of relationships. Some have been married for years, some are in love, some trying to get out, some are recovering from heartbreak and some are at the same stage as you!

These are just some exciting revelations :

Kings Love. Boys Control.

  • A King wants to make you feel secure. You are never left guessing about the relationship. You can ask questions without fear. You are certain about their intentions.

  • A Queen’s vulnerability draws a King closer. He will hold space while you open up. So become tender and unfold, darling. Then both of you can open up to deeper intimacy. 

  • A King wants both of you to have a life without a desire to consume you.  He values the importance of outside interests, friendships and hobbies.

  • A King adores your mind and body.  He enjoys your body for sure, but he is more interested in your happiness, what you think, how you feel, what your personality is than how you look.

  • A King wants to hear you and be understood.  If something isn’t ok, he wants to work it out. 

  • A King wants to rush home to you. He wants a truly good relationship so both of you become the best you can be. 

He can’t wait to tell you about his trials and triumphs and he wants to support you through your struggles and successes too !!

Secretly listen in as these Real Men Reveal All...

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Listen to what these real women have to say...

Destiny, Financial Consultant.

"Halleujah!  An honest insight into what men really think!! How interesting they are answering the questions I really want to hear.  Inspired me that Real Men are out there!"

Priscilla. Media Specialist.

"This is such a fascinating insight into men's thoughts. There was one interview that I actually thought, wow, there's a really beautiful man.  I would date him!!  I haven't heard a man speak from his heart before.  Gives me hope!"

Connie. Blog writer.

"Once again Lisa Magdalena gives us exactly what we have been looking for!  She's my godsend Soul Guide. When she told me about this men's relationship advice interview series, I  thought, I'm going to put my feet up and jolly well listen!  I've discovered what men want with every single interview.  Thanks Lisa!"

Cheryl. UK

"Oh my, the honesty in these interviews.  They are really speaking from the heart.  Thanks for doing these interviews, I feel it would help every woman to listen to these."