Client Love


LILY. Entrepreneur Mum

"Be assured when Lisa Magdalena enters your life she will give you the tools to become Queen.  She will make you a happier person through and through. To me, Lisa is a Queen that got my mojo back, my zing returned and I could make great decisions.  

I started with 'Arise!" Course.  It blew my mind and my life became sparkly and alive.  I felt I could rock my world finally.  I was hungry for more and joined the Emotional Intelligence Masterclass Program.  WOW! WOW! WOW! Lisa delivers. If you are doubting leap in!!!!  This Program is the best investment you could ever give to yourself!'” 

Gabby. Presenter.



"Lisa is inspirational, motivational and step by step shows you how to start loving yourself and becoming Queen of your life.  If you have no idea how to get the life you want, this is the best education to manifest it.  The results are life-affirming and encourage choices. It changes something at a deep soul level. It made me come alive. I now know what makes me happy, how to love myself, how to make great choices and create where I want my life to go”.

Jo. Dental Nurse.


BETTY. Artist

“Thank you so much, Lisa Magdalena, for helping and encouraging me to let go of the past.  It was holding me back.  Then I thought, "Betty that's not fully living", so I decided to sort myself out.  I kept reading Lisa's articles and I just knew she had the wealth of wisdom to share with me.  I leapt into her Emotional Intelligence Masterclass Program and gobbled up every coaching call with her.  Her joy and ongoing support have changed my life forever.  With Lisa's support, love and guidance I now know “ the world is my oyster”.


VALERIE. Real Estate CEO

“I can think of no-one better than Lisa Magdalena, to support and encourage you to take ownership of your life.  She has helped me grow, develop, turn my life around and simply resolve the issues that were troubling me. She’s one of the finest tools in my own toolkit and I love her warmth, humour and encouragement. She made me believe that anything is possible”.

Angie. Administrator.


SHARON. Government Service Agent.

“After a difficult divorce, I had lost a lot of self-confidence.  I was free but finding my new life challenging.  Lisa helped me recover from the past and to love myself again.  I learnt to fall in love with life and you guessed it – I rule my world."


CATHERINE. Art Curator.

“I wasn’t sure why I felt so sad and so alone when I was always surrounded by people and I couldn’t see the person that people were telling me I was. I didn’t know how to deal with all of the emotions.  I was feeling lost but  I didn’t know ‘why’.  When I met Lisa Magdalena she spoke to me like a human being and explained my emotions to me in a way which I could fully understand and she helped me to discover ‘why’. Lisa led me gently through a very soothing process and taught me to look forward, be strong and be emotionally intelligent in all my interactions  An Invaluable Experience”. 


ALISON. Charity Fund Manager.

“The personal journey that Lisa Magdalena has taken me on has been nothing short of transformational. Lisa has unique teaching abilities. She connects deeply and sensitively with your needs and is able to gently and expertly guide you to a greater realisation of yourself and your potential. Her Emotional Intelligence Masterclass Program is dynamic, totally transforming, deeply engaging and fun! Serendipity brought me to Lisa’s door – I hope this recommendation does the same for you.”


LEONARA. Business Coach.

“Lisa Magdalena was recommended to me.  Lisa is warm and inviting, passionate and filled with enthusiasm.  Her Emotional Intelligence Masterclass Program answered so many unanswered questions about my deep-rooted issues.  Lisa has helped me to see that I am worthy of good things and has also provided me with the tools to own my life.  This had had profound positive breakthroughs in my personal and my business life!!” 

Kate. Kindergarden Teacher.


GLENDA. Housewife, Mum and Creative.

“Thank you, Lisa Magdalena, for all you’ve done for me. When I first came to you, I couldn’t even begin to imagine that my life could be so different. You have helped me to see the real person inside, and she is no longer afraid. Having been bruised by toxic relationships, you allowed me to accept the good and the bad about myself and my life is now marvellous, and for that, I am truly grateful. Here’s to new adventures!” 

Joss. Psychotherapist and Psychology Lecturer


IRYNA. Psychic Consultant.

“There was one incredible thing for me from all the courses that I’ve done with Lisa Magdalena.  It's the immense value I have in myself as Queen. If for some universal reasons your teacher is Lisa Magdalena, there is no doubt then that your life purpose is to serve the humanity. And to serve it big.  I cannot say enough about how much her work has inspired me.  I am in awe to see the kind of commitment, strong belief and energy that Lisa brings to her teachings. I do think if you choose Lisa as your teacher it means that your soul has made a big step towards the fulfilling your life purpose as Queen. Her work stays for the rest of your life.” 

Sonia - Beauty Salon Owner


ROBERTA. Teacher.

“After leaving a toxic relationship, I felt hopeful for the future but needed guidance to create my new life. During Emotional Intelligence Masterclass Program, Lisa taught me the tools to fully recover and turn my life around. Within weeks,  I felt empowered, confident and so much happier. Thank you, Lisa.”