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Are you a successful woman who just can't make love work?

Do you wonder why some women seem to have it all yet you struggle to find a good relationship?

Lisa Magdalena, Love Actually Coaching Program

Do you feel burnt out by toxic relationships with men that don't deserve you?

Are you asking yourself why this keeps happening?

Are you recovering from a break up, divorce, broken relationships with your family and children?

Are you confused by the dating thing in this modern world?

Do you feel like there’s something missing in your life?

Are you looking ways to feel fulfilled with a life that has meaning and purpose beyond your professional life? 

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Doesn't sound exactly like you?

Do you feel lonely when you shut the door at night... as you kick off your heels and open a bottle of wine for comfort...

...when all you crave is to rest your head on your favourite person nestled on the couch next to you. 

Perhaps you are wondering why you have so much connection at work, and why this isn't happening in your love life too?

Maybe you even feel lonely in your relationship? Or wondering where have all the good, strong, committed men gone?

Or secretly you hate yourself even though you know you shouldn't... that fear of being left out and time passing without love never quite goes away.

Is it that your heart has hit a wall, or you know you are still carrying pain from the past and it's holding you back?

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Hello I’m Lisa Magdalena,

Through working with me, my clients breakthrough years of feeling unfulfilled in their love lives by becoming The First Lady, Queen of their Relationships

Lisa Magdalena, Love Actually Coaching Program

 -  yes, Darling, that will end the cycle of being catnip to Users and Losers

and transition to deeply committed relationships by stepping up your Queenness.  Yes, I said it.  

Successful women, like you, are struggling in the relationships because there's a missing piece when it comes to matters of the heart.   

You are Queen of the Boardroom.  Queen of your Empire.  Ready to be First Lady? The Queen in Love.

I work with women who are ready to take action to make their relationships as awesome as their careers and businesses, 

who want to come home to a life worthy of leaving the office for 

by being fulfilled in their love life no longer sucked dry by it.

Sound good?

You deserve to have a personal life rich with interest and adoration. 

You deserve to have a good man by your side, thrilled to see you and eager to support your dreams and goals 

as well as all the adventures you create together.

You are looking for a King.  He is looking for his Queen in Love.  

Let's get you so radiant he cannot miss you.

Lisa Magdalena, Love Actually Coaching Program

Groundbreaking "Love, Actually" Program


This Program will propel successful women from the dream of a fulfilling love life to creating the Relationship that's 100% right for them, in 4 months!

Become the chosen First Lady, The Queen in Love 

and enjoy groundbreaking relationship results and, even if you have tried everything else before, you will never end up with the wrong guy again.

This work is your missing piece in your Crown.

You'll gain results faster than trying and failing on your own.

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Do you secretly feel a failure in love?

Whether you're hopeful, heartbroken, heart tired, fed up with looking, in a relationship that bores you or just out of a rotten relationship you're here because:

Lisa Magdalena, Love Actually Coaching Program

  • You are ready to manifest the love of your life
  • You want a feel as confident in your love life as in your career and business 
  • You want to know the magic secret to becoming the magnet for your greatest love
  • You want to break away from the patterns that kills your heart
  • Oh yes, and you want your life to become one big, amazing loving adventure !

Perhaps you secretly fear that you aren’t enough to live your best life in love, adventure and beautiful connection. 

It might be that you secretly doubt if you will ever have it all. 

Perhaps you fear that there are no good men that can equal you, 

or that you are fed up with fixing broken men who take all they can and then leave you broken and guarded up for the next one.

The ability to have closure with old patterns and trust a man again with your heart is the foundation of all successful relationships. 

And the door opens when you say yes to educating yourself on how you can have it all.  That moment has come. 

Let's speak! it takes just one step...

Darling, I believe you can have Love, Actually.

You can learn techniques to become Queen in Love and magnetise in the relationship you never knew was available to you

You can learn the ramp up your vibe to become the Queen in Love, Actually.

You can tap into the secrets to become chosen and cherished by your Equal.

You can harness your Heart Power to create the life that fulfills you.

As a Love Psychology Coach & Magical Woman - my Coaching packages, online courses & power boosters combine psychology with the laws of the Universe to create your new life as a powerfully loved Queen.

Lisa Magdalena, Love Actually Coaching Program

It's time to unlock your Queen in Love potential; 

and yes, you can have the love you want and be a Queen in your love life as well as the Boardroom, 

feel desirable, adored, honoured and supported everyday, all day!

let's talk!

I understand where you’re at because I was there too.

For years, I too struggled with a love life that was not working even though my professional life soared.

My biggest struggle was I secretly felt a failure in this department.  Like a part of me didn't feel enough.

In fact, I have been pure catnip to Narcissists, Users and Losers!  It got so bad, I felt that my soul had been drained dry by love and relationships.  

Know what I mean?

Well, like you, I wasn't having it!  That's not how my love story was going to end.  

So I invested in an incredible journey to find the missing parts of me that kept creating disappointing love failures. 

 I knew my destiny was to take the helm of my love  life as I had of my career. 

During my quest, I discovered a secret way to unlock a very special archetype under lock and key  ....  

and all the while she remained imprisoned, good loving was not possible.  

Her vibe in that prison always attract Users, Narcissists, Control Freaks, Players and Liars...because she is in Love Jail!

Once freed,  deeply committed lasting Love begins. 

What to know who this archetype is?  

All Hail  the...

                Queen in Love.

She may be bruised but once freed within you... oh my goodness!...  

Watch out world!!  Here comes Queen in Love.

It became my life's work to help you and so many women before you to have exactly the relationship that's 100% right for you, now.

about lisa

I uncovered the secrets to why wonderful women keep attracting in the wrong man,

how to break the pattern for good and have the relationship thats 100% right for them,now.

I believe in you and your potential to make this happen for yourself right now.

I can see your brilliance, I am here to help you overcome your weaknesses when it comes to love, and unlock the amazing Queen in Love you truly are.

Combining my studies of Archetypes, Jungian Psychology, Holistic Counselling, Law of Attraction, Mindfulness as well as almost 20 years of coaching success, I am ready to provide you with the proven strategies to discover, liberate, heal and reclaim your...

...Queen in Love...

so all your Relationships will have deep connection, love, security and you will fulfil your best life.  I promise.

Find out how

Let me show you how to get the missing parts of you back...

Lisa Magdalena, Love Actually Coaching Program

With nearly 20 years experience as a Love Psychology Coach for Queens under my crown, I blend the science of Archetypes with the magical benefits of spirituality, mindfulness and Laws of Attraction with breakthrough psychological strategies. 

What I know is that teaching techniques to attract romance, or a quick fix promise to find your soulmate is going to be frustratingly, heartbreakingly short lived if we don't address the underlying cause.

Some coaches work with the mindset changes, some with the body, some with energy, others with wonderful woo-hoo.

I blend all these PLUS I work with the conscious mind, the unconscious mind and the laws of the Universe. 

That means immediate and long term results.

I've helped women understand why & how they have been keeping love away for years, and taught them practical techniques that led to Kings (not controlling boys) asking them out within days.  

I've assisted them in learning about their Queen energy, and developing it so they can feel more confident and let go of love pain. With others we reduced their secret anxious loneliness; worked through toxic trauma; or manifested their very own King within weeks!

My Coaching Sessions are tailored to your needs, because you are a Queen who runs her Kingdom her way. 

You will get tools you can use for life, as well as me personally uncovering deep transformational work that will set your heart free and help you break free from years of self sabotage, unhealthy patterns or simply feeling unfulfilled.

Who doesn't want to have it all, find true love with your Equal, expand their fulfilled personal life, and revel in delicious adoration?

yes! i want that!

There are also these ways you can access my support:

Find Out The Real Reason your Relationships Aren't Working

30 mins live audio call with Lisa Magdalena 

to discover the pattern 

that's stopping you 

being loved today.

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Psychic Readings To Be In The Know

30 mins live audio call with Lisa Magdalena

so you get accurate answers about your situation 

and powerful knowledge so you can make

 THE BEST choices.

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On Demand Courses & Power Boosts

Online Courses Self Led.

An instant way to start the ball rolling to feel great, 

open up to love and increase your empowerment

Learn at your own pace with Lisa's on demand courses.

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Find Out What These Real Women are Saying…

Morgan, Lisa Magdalena, Love Actually Coaching Program

Morgan. UK

"There is absolutely no doubt that Lisa is one of the best Coaches - in the world!!! Lisa breaks you through awareness of where you may be in the present, right through to blossoming into the Queen you deserve to be in every area of your life.  She helps you understand certain negative behaviour patterns from those around you, and truly encourages you to break those cycles from ever happening again."

Faye, Lisa Magdalena, Love Actually Coaching Program

Faye. USA

"Lisa’s Mentoring is not only astoundingly professional and articulate, but is also empathic - Lisa is full to the brim with compassion and healing."

I highly recommend you schedule a call with Lisa, as I cannot begin to even express how much she has helped me to find myself again. Make the call and be supported with finding your inner Queen! It is time. "

Sarai, Lisa Magdalena, Love Actually Coaching Program

Sarai. Italy

"Lisa is the Queen of healing for real.  Her Coaching gave me the wisdom and power to heal from toxic relationships for good.  If anyone is on the fence, I highly recommend you listen to Lisa's  free Masterclass.  She has a gift for this and a gift for just knowing you're particular situation.  She is  crazy knowledgable like no other Coach I know.  Those two things combined make her your best way to the road you wish to be on or are called to be on.  Listen to her free Masterclass.  It's a great place to start. You're so worthy of this .. love and peace".

LANA, Lisa Magdalena, Love Actually Coaching Program

LANA. Entrepeneur.

"I discovered Lisa and her Have It All, Queen! Coaching and immediately felt connected to her. She radiates trust and deep care. I felt like I could share anything with her and she would never judge. Since our first Coaching session she always supports me through challenge and bumps of changing patterns, gently invites me to go deeper with my truth and holds sacred non-judgmental space. Lisa provides the highest quality of therapeutic & coaching services. She will help you not just heal but have it all.  I highly recommend working with Lisa."

Gila, Lisa Magdalena, Love Actually Coaching Program

Gila. Erotic Writer and Coach

“Before meeting Lisa, I was feeling constricted. I knew I needed to do something.  I felt called to reach out to her.  Lisa’s divine intuitive gifts saw through my scared inner child and she talked to the dormant Queen in me. As I accepted her invitation, my life changed dramatically.

Since working with Lisa, I have become a whole, sovereign, self-loving Queen of my domain. My business is growing.  My relationships improving.  I am living my divine mission. 

Having Lisa as a Mentor, enabled me to embrace a limitless life and unconditionally love myself. Through her guidance, I was able to embody self-love, set boundaries, open my heart to my Divine Partner, my children and my clients. 

Lisa is an extremely caring and committed coach.  Her psychological training and life experience was an outstanding combination that allowed me to awaken rapidly.   I know I would still be feeling “not enough” if I hadn’t started working with her. "

Olive, Lisa Magdalena, Love Actually Coaching Program

Olive. Designer.

"Lisa's work will transform you from the inside outwards.  Even during the Coaching, it took me by surprise to realise that I was already attracting in a different type of life & love.  I was actually attracting in good, positive healthy love.  Positive, evolved people were flocking to me.  I accomplished everything I had wanted. Lisa is the best guide you could ask for through the backstreets of your unconscious!"