Do you know your biggest love and success block?


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This will work for you.

Hello darling, I'm Lisa Magdalena

I know you can absolutely have it all

I've achieved my dream of becoming one of the top Relationship and Success Attraction Coaches

by impacting a million Successful Women

 to attract the love and success they deserve naturally, 

and I want to help you too. 

I'm here to wake up your Lover, Queen, and Goddess.

...to help you break free of struggles in your relationships 

and find your love and soul tribe easily and effortlessly

 even if "The Secret" has failed you.

By using my powerful, unique life-changing strategies and the Secrets of Spirit of Love,  

you will gain the emotional intelligence, and magical magnetism to absolutely have it all.

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Is this you?


Or this?

Then this will work for you

the solution

Do you wonder why some women seem to have it all yet you...

...keeping hitting a 'glass ceiling' in your success and relationships?

Do you feel burnt out by unhealthy relationships that don't deserve you?

Do you feel you are only half living and yet know there is a bigger dream and a bigger life calling you?

Maybe you feel lonely in your relationship? Or wondering where have all the good, strong, committed men gone?

Are you asking yourself why you keep getting caught up with Users and Takers?

Are you recovering from a break up, divorce, broken friendships and family dramas?

Do you feel like you've got it going on but wonder why deep connection is evading you?

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Feeling Love and Connection is a vital human need...

that we crave to feel in all our relationships business and pleasure (romantic love is the delicious cherry on the cake!)

Darling, if you are struggling in your relationships, 

if you keep attracting the wrong men and people that don't recognize your value, 

we can fix that right now.

If your next level of success in your business is evading you, 

 if the Law of Attraction has only worked to a certain degree, 

we are going to make your highest level happen.

I don't want you to feel there's something wrong with you secretly, as I did when these techniques didn't work. 

I am here to connect you with your soul tribe and your ‘Worthy King.’

Imagine how that will super boost your business, social life, and love life?

The Spirit of Love is a magical force where everything you wish for exists.  

You may have already tried "The Vortex"? "The Secret" without first class results.

You may have tried other ways to manifest, and yet it's just not happened?  

Are you wondering how to access the real secrets of the Law of Attraction without all the mental gymnastics?

'Love, Actually' provides the key to naturally attracting the love you deserve.

It effortlessly blesses all your relationships - romance, business, soul tribe, friendships and the one with yourself will become excellent.  I promise..

Hello I’m Lisa Magdalena,

Through working with me, my clients breakthrough years of feeling unfulfilled by naturally attracting in the love and success they deserve using my powerful, life-changing formula.


It is the proven successful ability to make your ideal life happen.  

 -  yes, Darling, that means your days of being catnip to Users and Losers are over - 

also, you naturally transition to deeply committed, conscious love in all your relationships - business and pleasure.

Yes, I said it.  

Successful women, like you, are struggling in the relationships because there's a missing piece that's yet to come alive.

Yes, you are Queen.  Yes, you are a Lover.

 Ready to naturally attract the love and success you deserve by being a Goddess of Connection too?

I work with women who are ready to take action to make their relationships genuinely awesome.

Sound good?

You deserve to be right bang in the center of love.

You deserve to be surrounded by your soul people.

You deserve to be living in a vibe where everything is love.

Let's get you in the right place.

 Let's get your magical magnetism running on full power, so you are loved in ways you have never felt before. 

tell me more...

Do you secretly feel like you'll never have it all?

Whether you're hopeful, heartbroken, fed up with the hustle, in a relationship that bores you or feeling more success is evading you ... you're here because:


  • You are ready to manifest true soul connection
  • You want to feel confident in your relationships and your career and business 
  • You want to know the secret to magical magnetism 
  • You want to break away from patterns that break your heart
  • Oh yes, and you want your life to become one big, amazing, loving adventure!

Perhaps you secretly fear that you aren’t enough to live your best life of beautiful connection. 

Maybe you secretly doubt if you will ever have it all?

Perhaps you fear that there are no good men that can equal you, 

alternatively, that you are fed up with fixing the broken ones who suck the life out of you then leave you broken and too guarded up for the next one.

The ability to have closure with old patterns and trust again is the foundation of all successful relationships. 

Moreover, darling, that door opens when you say yes to educating yourself on how to attract the love you deserve naturally. 

That moment has come.

the solution

I understand where you’re at because I was there too.

For years, I too struggled with manifesting a higher level of love and success even though I believed in the Law of Attraction.

My biggest struggle was I secretly felt not "enough".

Because I hadn't found the 'Love, Actually' secret keys, my Law of Attraction manifesting skills led me to Narcissists, Users, and Losers!  It got so bad; I felt that my soul had been drained dry.

Know what I mean?

Well, like you, I was not having that!  That's not how my love story was going to end. 

So I invested in an incredible journey to find the missing ingredients that magnetize in soul love, success and healthy relationships.

I knew my destiny was to take the helm of manifesting love and success easily and effortlessly. 

During my Quest, I discovered the secret process that unlocks the door to Love in every relationship.  

It blessed my love life, my business and my personal world.

I had uncovered the secrets to why wonderful women keep attracting in the wrong man, why they struggle to manifest higher success,  how to break the pattern for good and naturally attract the love and success they deserve.

It became my life's work to impact a million Successful Women, like you, end the struggle in their relationships and become loved and hugely successful!

about lisa

Let me show you how to get the missing parts of you back...

 I have enjoyed nearly 20 years success as a Jungian Therapist turned Relationship Psychology Coach.  

I made this joyful transition years ago because Coaching gets faster results than years on the therapy couch!

My experience blends:

  • Psychological science of Archetypes
  • Breakthroughs the Subconscious
  • Teaches Emotional Intelligence
  • Creates Mental Liberation
  • Awakens the Goddess spirit
  • Activates the Queen Mindset
  • Connects to Divine Living 
  • Magically Manifests love
  • Magnetises Spiritual Blessings. 

I know that only teaching manifesting techniques to attract romance, "snag a man," or a quick fix promise to find your soulmate is going to be frustratingly, heartbreakingly short-lived if we don't address the underlying cause.

Some coaches work with the mindset changes, some with the body, some with energy, others with wonderful woo-hoo.

I blend all these PLUS I work with the conscious mind, the unconscious mind and the Laws of the Universe. 

That means immediate and long term results.

I've assisted their Goddess and Queen energy 

so they can feel more confident and let go of what's been holding them back.

With others, we worked through toxic trauma and reduced deep, anxious loneliness.

I've helped women understand why & how they have been keeping love away, and taught them practical techniques that repel Controlling Boys and led to manifesting their 'Worthy King'  within weeks.

I've assisted their Goddess and Queen energy 

so they can feel more confident and let go of what's been holding them back.

With others, we worked through toxic trauma and reduced deep, anxious loneliness.

Most successful women secretly battle feeling 'not enough' to have it all.  

'Love, Actually' busts through that false belief system straight away!

My Coaching Sessions are tailored to your needs, because you are a Queen who runs her Kingdom her way. 

You will get tools you can use for life, 

as well as me uncovering the deep transformational work 

that will set your heart free 

so you break free from years of self-sabotage, 

unhealthy patterns or simply feeling unfulfilled without knowing why.

Who doesn't want to have it all, naturally attract the love and success they deserve, 

expand into a fulfilled personal and business life, 

and revel in delicious adoration?

Let me show you how to get the missing parts of you back...

yes! i want that!

Here's how to can access my magical, scientific support

Find Out What These Real Women are Saying…

Morgan, Lisa Magdalena, Love Actually Coaching Program

Morgan. UK

"There is absolutely no doubt that Lisa is one of the best Coaches - in the world!!! Lisa breaks you through awareness of where you may be in the present, right through to blossoming into the Queen you deserve to be in every area of your life.  She helps you understand certain negative behaviour patterns from those around you, and truly encourages you to break those cycles from ever happening again."

Faye, Lisa Magdalena, Love Actually Coaching Program

Faye. USA

"Lisa’s Mentoring is not only astoundingly professional and articulate, but is also empathic - Lisa is full to the brim with compassion and healing."

I highly recommend you schedule a call with Lisa, as I cannot begin to even express how much she has helped me to find myself again. Make the call and be supported with finding your inner Queen! It is time. "

Sarai, Lisa Magdalena, Love Actually Coaching Program

Sarai. Italy

"Lisa is the Queen of healing for real.  Her Coaching gave me the wisdom and power to heal from toxic relationships for good.  If anyone is on the fence, I highly recommend you listen to Lisa's  free Masterclass.  She has a gift for this and a gift for just knowing you're particular situation.  She is  crazy knowledgable like no other Coach I know.  Those two things combined make her your best way to the road you wish to be on or are called to be on.  Listen to her free Masterclass.  It's a great place to start. You're so worthy of this .. love and peace".

LANA, Lisa Magdalena, Love Actually Coaching Program

LANA. Entrepeneur.

"I discovered Lisa and her Have It All, Queen! Coaching and immediately felt connected to her. She radiates trust and deep care. I felt like I could share anything with her and she would never judge. Since our first Coaching session she always supports me through challenge and bumps of changing patterns, gently invites me to go deeper with my truth and holds sacred non-judgmental space. Lisa provides the highest quality of therapeutic & coaching services. She will help you not just heal but have it all.  I highly recommend working with Lisa."

Gila, Lisa Magdalena, Love Actually Coaching Program

Gila. Erotic Writer and Coach

“Before meeting Lisa, I was feeling constricted. I knew I needed to do something.  I felt called to reach out to her.  Lisa’s divine intuitive gifts saw through my scared inner child and she talked to the dormant Queen in me. As I accepted her invitation, my life changed dramatically.

Since working with Lisa, I have become a whole, sovereign, self-loving Queen of my domain. My business is growing.  My relationships improving.  I am living my divine mission. 

Having Lisa as a Mentor, enabled me to embrace a limitless life and unconditionally love myself. Through her guidance, I was able to embody self-love, set boundaries, open my heart to my Divine Partner, my children and my clients. 

Lisa is an extremely caring and committed coach.  Her psychological training and life experience was an outstanding combination that allowed me to awaken rapidly.   I know I would still be feeling “not enough” if I hadn’t started working with her. "

Olive, Lisa Magdalena, Love Actually Coaching Program

Olive. Designer.

"Lisa's work will transform you from the inside outwards.  Even during the Coaching, it took me by surprise to realise that I was already attracting in a different type of life & love.  I was actually attracting in good, positive healthy love.  Positive, evolved people were flocking to me.  I accomplished everything I had wanted. Lisa is the best guide you could ask for through the backstreets of your unconscious!"