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Welcome to the Future Self Movement

Are you facing a turning point and realise you need to go in a different direction?

Are you ready to step up to your next level and have everything you want?

The Love of your Life, 

increased success in your chosen field,

enlightenment & spiritual awakening,

a mindset that's on your side

and unshakeable happiness

Then you are ready for your next adventure. 

This moment is the calling from Your Future Self to awaken your full potential through the powerful concept of Archetypes.

Your Archetypes (Inner Team personality characters) are either AIDING 

the Law of Attraction OR the Law of Repulsion.

They are creating the life you have right now.

So getting them on your side is vital for your happiness and success! 

They can act out your blocks that push the good away, manifest toxic relationships and situations, hit “brick walls” or feel like pushing an “elephant up the stairs”. 

Alternatively, they can effortlessly magnetise in love and success with your soulmates.

By getting up-close-and-personal with your Archetypes (your Inner Team), 

we can get them to work on your side to manifest your ‘ideal life’ rather than fighting against you.

This knowledge ignites enormous benefits to your love life, work life and inner life turning things around super quick to rapidly manifest your ideal life.

This psychology model is nothing new, my superhero Godfather of Psychology, Carl Jung, birthed this into the world and it’s why I studied him thoroughly in my psychological training. 

However, what’s going on on the inside with our Archetypes is never taught in school, 

and rarely talked about even in personal development circles. 

No surprise then that few are CONSCIOUSLY aware of their Archetype superpowers to manifest.

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Hello darling, I'm Lisa Magdalena

Think of our journey together as your very own Epic Adventure.

 I will guide you to the real, stripped back, authentic, unapologetic you.  

The real you ...

that the 'chosen one' you will share your life with is looking for, 

the meaningful career you will thrive in,

the places you are meant to live in and love, 

and the friends you will share pure joy with... 

they are all expecting you. 

I am here to guide you back to yourself and then darling you will have it all.

Take a deep breath angel; you are safe now.  I've got you.

Take my hand; it's going to a smooth, calm, loving journey.  

The tough path is over.

Darling, you are at base camp and looking up at your very own Mount Everest peak.

You know it's going to the most life-changing, challenging, self-aware, humbling, exciting, surprising, excellent adventure.

As the industry leading Catalyst Soul Guide, I will guide you every day, every step of the way, right to the very top.

Imagine the views we will share together side by side! 

I'll stroke your back when you can't breathe, 

hold your hand when you think you may fall, 

we can high five to celebrate your achievements

 (I'm British, so I give you a massive hug) 

but oh boy!! will we jolly well celebrate!!

You see I have walked this path to the very top many times before you.

I've fallen down the holes, got the cuts and scars to prove it. (I'll show you if you like).  

I've experienced the personal hell of bear pits (broken hearts and toxic relationships), 

so you don't have ever to suffer that again.

I've guided many Freedom Seekers before you.  

Like you, they felt lost having tried it alone.  

Then, their future self couldn't take the pain of seeing them tired and bruised anymore

 and led them here, just like you.

They stopped going round in circles (trying the read the map upside down).  

They took my hand and relaxed. 

They followed my guidance.  

They felt composed, present, in the flow 

because they knew I could see the potholes way before they did.  

They had a Translator of their Soul's messages, a Map Reader, and the Amber Alert Giver way in advance.

Because of this, they found they could finally hear their soul's messages themselves!    

Take my hand darling.  

I know the natural, gentle paths to more love and success (and we stop and smell the roses along the way).


I'll lead you to the very top of your mountain where your future self is calling you right now.

Everything you want is there. 

 It's not willpower, sales strategies, blah, blah....that will get you there.

It's following your soul, your love, your heart. 

How to Arise to your Next Level