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Emotional Independence is the alchemy to liberate your relationship with love. money and happiness.


Learn the incredibly powerful gift for mastering relationships (both love + business). 

This means happiness, joy, love and financial freedom get fulfilled everyday.


Hello darling, I'm Lisa Magdalena

I'm here with the magic ingredients to super charge your relationships in life and business.

I've experienced the personal hell of overwhelm, disappointment, over-giving, broken hearts and toxic relationships, 

I've fallen down the holes, got the cuts and scars to prove it.  I've learnt what trips us up so you don't have to suffer.

Emotional Independence is like a Ph.D for high level successful relationships in life and business. 

I've guided many Bravehearts before you..  

Like you, they felt lost having tried it alone.

The Universe led them here, just like you.

They stopped going round in circles 

They took my hand and relaxed. 

They followed my guidance.  

They felt composed, present, in the flow 

because they knew I could see the potholes way before they did.   

I will guide you to the real, stripped back, authentic, unapologetic you.  

The real you ...

that has the most nurturing love and relationships,

the most fulfilling, thriving & meaningful career, 

self esteem and self worth and unshakeable happiness. 

I am here to guide you back to yourself and then darling you will have it all.

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