Soul Guide For A Year

Ready to step up to your next level and have the life you want?


The Love of your Life, 

increased success in your chosen field,

enlightenment & spiritual awakening,

a mindset that's on your side

and happiness that's unshakeable 

Are you ready to discover why you are here?

and how to make the most out of your Soul's Mission?

Then this program is created for you.

Lisa Magdalena, the "Time Travelling" International Psychic Soul Guide 

will be guiding and coaching you for a full year 

and will be right by your side during your transformational soul journey.

She has a unique combination of Ancient Wisdom and Modern Practical Psychology.  

She combines Archetype sessions with Psychic Readings 

giving you more understanding about yourself and your situation.

Be prepared for the ride of your life though, 

because working with Lisa means taking the deep dive.  

You commit to the process, and she commits to you. 

Together you’ll be holding space for growth for an entire year. 

Most times, the magic kicks in almost immediately 

but to make sure that the process is guided in the right way, 

 and for your body, mind and spirit to readjust to your new reality,  

a year is needed to really ground it all.  

Lisa will hold and guide you during every step along the way. 

So you can get to where you want to go, 

and reach Emotional Independence 

and a full, happy life on your terms, 

so after a year, you won’t be needing anything or anybody anymore, except yourself.

Sounds good? We think so! 

Imagine being able to embark on this magical Soul Journey in a safe environment, 

where you and Lisa will create your ‘pod’ where the magic happens. 

It holds hopes and dreams, which, during your journey grow, come to life and become a reality. 

Who this is for:

  • Those who know it's time to STEP UP to achieve more in life and love.
  • Those eager for the bliss of Emotional Independence.
  • Those excited to share their lives with their True Love.
  • Those seeking increased success.
  • Those wanting to improve personal and professional relationships.
  • Those hungry for transformation.
  • Those willing to take personal responsibility for their ideal life, love life, work life, and inner life. 

Listen, and you will hear: "Welcome home darling. Welcome back to you'.

It's not by chance that you are here. It's pure synchronicity


.I am here to guide your Archetypes back to your Soul's calling.

Archetypes are your Inner Team. 

Your Future Self is urging you to develop them so you can manifest the life you want.

Here's how it works

Your Archetypes (Inner Team personality characters) 

are either 


the Law of Attraction OR the Law of Repulsion.

They are creating the life you have right now.

So getting them on your side is vital for your happiness and success! 

They can act out your blocks that push the good away, manifest toxic relationships and 

situations that feel you hit “brick walls” or pushing an “elephant up the stairs”. 

Alternatively, they can effortlessly magnetise in love and success with your Soulmates.

By getting up-close-and-personal with your Archetypes ignites enormous benefits to your love life, 

work life and inner life turning things around super quick. 

This psychology model is nothing new, my superhero Godfather of Psychology,

 Carl Jung, birthed this into the world and it’s why I studied him thoroughly in my psychological training. 

However, what’s going on on the inside with our Archetypes is never taught in school, 

and rarely talked about even in personal development circles. 

No surprise then that few are CONSCIOUSLY aware of their Archetype superpowers to manifest your 'ideal life'.

From what others are saying, my work takes you high up a

 powerfully magical psychological pathway to greater, lifelong fulfilment and spiritual bliss.

You haven't experienced a love like mine before.

The current age in the Coaching Industry seems to be moving away from genuinely caring.

So many of my clients have landed at my door exhausted after signing up to other systems.  

They sought help for feeling lost, fell for their "carrot at the end of the stick" tantalising outcome 

and ended up feeling a failure because they received low touch care.  

I do not follow this "masculine" approach to coaching 

because it doesn't give you long term results in love and success.

I promise with me, you'll get heart centred care.

With me, you can expect high touch care and quick responses every day.


I'll tell you the truth.

I'll be totally there for you with full transparency

I'll link arms with you and help you where you are in the moment.

I'll be there for you on tap every day via Voxer (walkie- talkie app), 

You'll get high touch contact whenever you need it,

You'll get quality coaching from a Wise Sage, Queen, Priestess 

that listens, understands, "gets" you, "finds" you 

and "meets" you where you are at any one moment. 

What you get with me:






 I am more than a Coach, 

more than a Jungian Psychology Therapist, 

more than a Healer, 

more than a Psychic. 

(even though I have the all those qualifications plus years of success and experience under my belt). 

I am your Psychic Psychology Soul Guide .I am yours.

I will love you until falling in love with yourself, your life, your mission and everything you wish for yourself.

Are you ready for the Best Year of your Life?

It's going to be an Epic Ride, darling! Jump on board. Let's get going....


So, how does this work exactly?

We will have 6 one-on-one Coaching calls, on demand, whenever you feel you need them. 

Lisa looks at the challenge you are facing, 

and together you will either do 

an Archetype session, 

a Psychic Reading, 

a Tarot Reading, 

a Rune Reading, 

a Soul Healing,

a Past Life Regression, 

or something in between. 

The sessions are tailor-made in the moment to make sure you receive exactly what it is you need, 

to make big leaps forward.  

Apart from the one-on-one coaching sessions, there will be group training every month. 

These trainings are about the Archetypes

and the energy of the collective will help you gain insights so much quicker.

And, the best thing about the Soul Guide for a Year program? 

Whenever you get stuck, 

encounter doubts, 

or have questions; 

you have a DIRECT link with Lisa through VOXER. 

Yep, you heard that right!

Your angel is right there with you, so you will not get lost 

and will always have a safety net on your journey. 

So.. keen on joining? Great!

That is an excellent first step.  

Lisa’s time is limited though, and we can only get people on board who fall within the following criteria:

  •  You are dedicated to making the best out of this year 
  •  You will listen to the advice given and put it into practice as much as you can
  • You take this program very seriously and know that this is a life changer 
  •  You feel Lisa is the one that should be guiding you to your next level
  •  You are willing and able to invest 5000 USD in this life-changing journey. 
  • You have to be ready to leap on board even if fear is arising.  

Remember outside your comfort zone is where the magic happens.  
I've got you.  I'll be by your side every step of the way.  You will be safe.

If you meet the above criteria and you would like to know more, write to us below!  

We will get back to you as soon as we can and plan a Discovery Call to see how the program could help you. 

When you are selected for the journey, most times, you will be embarking in the same week. 

So are you ready to rise like a Phoenix from what's holding you back and make serious leaps in your Souls’ growth?  

Get in touch! 

What’s Included in the Yearly Subscription:

✔    Six On-Demand Sessions per year with Lisa Magdalena, Your Psychic Soul Psychology Guide! 

Each session can be used either as an Intuitive Consultation (Intensive Psychic Reading) or Soul Guide Archetype Psychology Coaching, 

rinse and repeat whenever you like.  

Each session last 50 minutes and can be used anytime, as frequently as you like, within a 12 month period.

✔    Unlimited Voxer Access to Me for one year 

      Voxer is a fabulous free voice messaging app for your phone. 

 IIt's like a walkie-talkie directly with me, so we can communicate as often as needed, 

even when I am walking Mr Pudding (I'll even park up the Harley where possible.)  

I will return all Voxer messages within 12 hours or less, 

so it will be like having your very own Psychic Psychology Soul Guide on retainer 

( just like the Stars who use my services).  

Darling, I'll be practically on your shoulder all day long!

✔    Monthly Soul Guidance Training (12 total Soul Guidance pieces of training per year)

              Each month I do a deep dive on your Soul's Messages from your Future Self calling you forward.  We uncover work the Archetypes / Inner Team living inside you undiscovered, unheard and probably fighting each other at this very moment.

This knowledge inspires you to keep growing, thriving and reaching your absolute peak.  

These trainings will be recorded, and you will receive the link via email for lifetime access to use whenever you need it.

✔    Access to a Private Facebook Group Community 

My private high-vibe, online community is a Emotional Independence movement in itself. 

An online support system with a tribe of Freedom Seekers who are also on the journey, 

following their Future Selves to the very peak of love, fulfilment and success.  

Moreover, there's more for the road!

In addition to the above, members will receive BONUSES WORTH $1297

✔    “Arise"

       This is my digital course, designed to teach how to change mindset, behaviours and old programming.  

In this course, you will super boost your confidence, fulfilment and happiness 

following the feminine path to love and success. 

This is an exceptional skill for guys to develop too. 

It's the rising missing part that is never taught but very much needed

which allows you to manifest MORE love and success abundance in all areas of your life!

✔    “8 Earthy Traditions To Guarantee A Great Year."

The cycle of Mother Earth changes every six weeks. 

When we flow with her rhythms, our psyche retains balance, 

and we tap into a Source of natural flow and secure connection. 

We will experience 8 "magical" Earth Blessing Rituals, Healings and Simple Ceremonies:

  • Spring Equinox for new beginnings

  • Beltane for creating love and union

  • Summer Solstice for celebrating our achievements!

  • Lammas for honouring our manifestations,

  • Autumn Equinox for separating the good from the worn out.

  • Samhain ( Halloween) for letting the old go.

  • Winter Solstice for warming the spark that creates the new.

  • Imbolc for preparing to manifest our ideal life and love.

Program Fees: 

Yes, I believe in total authentic; what you see is what you get transparency. 

No need to have a Discovery Call to find out my fees... They are right here!


Pay-In-Full A One Time Payment of  $3000 USD For A Years Worth of Care

( $5,000 Regular Price  ) You save $2K 


2 Payments of $2000 For A Years Worth of Soul Guidance and Care ( paid 2 months in a row over 2 months )

 -  ( 3 payments of $2,000 over 3 months Regular Price ) You save $2K  

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