Hi there, I am Lisa. I am the “Time Travelling” Soul Guide.

One min I’m in Los Angeles, the next in England.


 I work with clients across all time zones on any given day. 

My Soul Work rescues the past, ignites the present and manifests your ideal future self. 

I work with Ancient Wisdom and Modern Psychology.
I am an old soul who’s come to bring a modern twist on ancient wisdom.

 A Living Magic remedy to modern angst.

How I turned my Stuck into my Super-Power ...

"I am sitting in my car on a cliff buff with wild wind screaming around me and rain lashing down. 

I am crying for the 33rd day running. 

I realise how unhappy my relationship is, and that my life needs to go in a different direction. 

I am contemplating driving over the cliff. I am a wreck. 

After an ugly divorce, tumultuous relationships and a final destructive affair with a narcissist, 

I feel disillusioned, abandoned and wondering whether love exists. 

I am facing a turning point. 

I realise I am my biggest problem, and that I need to find myself. 

I am confused about what is important to me. 

I feel the overwhelming need to be free – from unhealthy relationships in work and romance. 

Daring to step out of my comfort zone,

 I embark on a quest of self-discovery leaving disappointing relationships behind to find balance in my heart.

“The Secret” has failed to deliver my desires because I am still in my own way.

I am doing something that’s not working in my favour 

but I have no clue what I am doing that means I'm successful in every area of my life 

but relationships.


I had everything a modern woman is supposed to dream of having

 - a husband, a house, a family, a successful career - 

yet like so many others,

 I find myself lost, confused, and searching for what I really want in life. 

Newly single and heartbroken, I step out of my comfort zone, 

risking everything to change my life, 

embarking on a quest for self-discovery. 

In my journey, I discover the true pleasure of Emotional Independence, Spiritual Surrender, 

Queen’s mindset, my Goddess heart 

and unexpectedly, true love.

My life's work is the treasure findings of my psychological training and personal  experiences

PLUS the hard earned secrets I discover on my quest to "find myself” 

by balancing psychological and spiritual worlds 

in the pursuit of true love and personal success. 

My Heart Felt Conversation with My Future Self 

The Beginning

Being raised in a Cult wasn't easy but it did give me my laser beam talents to trust the Soul Guidance of my Future Self.

Lisa Magdalena, Love Actually Coaching Program

I am 2 years old.  I am confused.  My Daddy didn't come home today.  

Now my Grandma is crying and telling me he died.  

He refused a blood transfusion because we are Jehovah's Witnesses. 

I take it that I am not lovable enough to choose to stay alive for.  I must try harder.  

I grow up in a toxic soup with an emotionally dead mother and a “terrified of life” sister.

Now, I am 6 years old. The Monster is back.  

The doorbell is ringing again and soon the window will smash. 

I brace myself for the abuse that will follow. 

I desperately try to hide my Mum and Sister before he climbs through the smashed window.  

Today is just one of the many brutalising fits of abuse that will continue until I run away.  

My little fists want to overcome that Monster every time he appears.  

Even though he will get arrested again, the Cult enables the abuse and it continues until I am able to arise. 

Until then, I develop a way to survive.  

I spend the rest of my childhood as a well-trained, psychologically manipulated, people-pleaser

 in the hope that good behaviour will be rewarded with scraps of love.

Leap forward to 16 years old, and I have had enough. 

I run away and I am homeless.  

I run from my family and the Cult.  

They shun me. It's their policy. 

 I have never returned.  

My family are still in the Cult and they continue to shun me. 

But I am free.  

Well physically.  

Alone in a world, I know nothing of.  

The Cult bans mixing with anyone in the "World".  

Now I was in it.  Alone.  But it is great. 

 I discover who I am when I'm not being controlled.

After a few years enjoying what life has to offer, 

I meet the man who will become my husband.  

He love bombs me into feeling safe, protected and part of a family.  

The lovely phase doesn't last long, but I stay for 14 more years.  

We have two beautiful daughters and I am trying hard to comply with his rules.

During this time, having to be the breadwinner, I take myself through University and study hard. 

 I embark my successful career empowering women.


Leap forward a few years, while our youngest is a baby, I become very ill.  

The doctors diagnose me with cancer.  I am terrified.  We are all terrified.  

It takes 2 years of gruelling chemotherapy and a full stem cell transplant, when it happens....

the wake-up call from my Future Self.

I am gripping onto the bathroom sink in UCH Hospital, London. 

I am in my hospital gown with no hair and I catch myself in the mirror.  

Physically I am at my lowest. I am in the pit of feeling less than enough. 

Then I hear my Future Self call.  

As I look into my eyes in the mirror, I see the strength of my destiny calling me forward.

This is my deciding point. 

I have to get through this illness. I have to learn to love myself.  

It's five years later and I have clawed myself 

to emotional and physical health and I summon up the courage to end my marriage. 

I am free again.  This time as a single mum.  

I can breathe.

 I enjoy some good relationships but I find myself mesmerised my man who turns out to be my Final Narcissist.  

Our times aren't all bad but he rules to his manipulative pattern. 

 I am once again in a soul-destroying, toxic relationship drama.  

Leap another 5 years and I no longer recognise myself as I have desperately contorted myself to fit his dysfunction.  

My heart is so broken, I want to end my life.  But something within me stirs, this is not how my story ends. 

I put my psychology head into action, 

apply the Laws of the Universe. 

I reawaken spiritually and psychologically. 

 I learn to transform myself step by step from 'Slave-Girl' mentality to the Queen you see today. 

This is how my Future Self reminded me of my destiny

Zip forward to today...

For nearly 20 years, I have the best job in the world!

As their Psychic Psychology Soul Guide, I help Freedom Seekers fall in love with themselves and everything they wish to have.  

I couldn't wish for a better way to live than fulfilling my life's work! 

My work has been featured on BBC, Radio, Sunday Times, Independent, News of the World, EVE, Take a Break, Spirit Radio, Break the Silence Summits and Freedom Hour.

20 years " in-the-trenches" experience as a Therapist, Soul Guide and a Coach (plus many years of psychological and spiritual study) has led me here:

to a place where I can provide exceptional value and service to you.

Today, my proudest achievement, (apart from my daughters of course!) is the relationship I have with myself.

I have learnt never to abandon myself for love again.  

I have learnt Emotional Independence.

I have learnt that no matter what others may do or say, I am enough.  

I live a beautiful life by the ocean outside London and Malibu, California.  

I have friends I adore, 

a funny little dog called Pudding,

 a super cool cat who makes me laugh every day, 

two grown daughters who have created their own loving lives, 

nephews that I love, 

radiant health and joy, 

a life's work that is creating a legacy of  huge impact and long term success to millions ...

... and a love that's super special who shares my passion for our joint adventures and my mission to reconnect to the heart.

Your turn. Let's work together!

Today, I am a "Billionaire"!!