Hi there, I am Lisa. Magdalena

I was trained to be a pleaser and suffer the angst of emotional dependency.


 My previous relationships in business and pleasure left me empty, drained and unfulfilled.

Until I learnt the alchemy of Emotional Independence.

That was the magic that changed everything and opened up my most exciting, magical life

i was raised in a Cult

They encouraged emotional dependency, putting yourself last and being inauthentic as a good thing!

Lisa Magdalena, Love Actually Coaching Program

This toxic environment was a training ground for low self worth, destroyed self esteem and abusive conditioining.

It got worse when my Dad died when I was two years old. 

He refused a blood transfusion because we are Jehovah's Witnesses.

I grew up in a toxic soup with an emotionally dead mother and a childhood of abuse...

Leap forward to 16 years old, and I have had enough. 

I run away and I am homeless.  

My family and the Cult shun me. It's their policy. 

 I have never returned and I am still shunned to this day 

A few years later, I meet the man who will become my husband and my new controller. 

We have two beautiful daughters and I stay for 14 years trying to comply with his rules.

During this time, having to be the breadwinner, I take myself through University and study hard. 

 I embark on my successful psychological career. 


Leap forward a few years, while our youngest is a baby, I become very ill.  

The doctors diagnose me with cancer.  I am terrified.  We are all terrified.  

It takes 2 years of gruelling chemotherapy and a full stem cell transplant, when it happens....

the wake-up call.

I am gripping onto the bathroom sink in UCH Hospital, London. 

I am in my hospital gown with no hair and I catch myself in the mirror.  

Physically I am at my lowest. I am in the pit of feeling less than enough. 

As I look into my eyes in the mirror, I see the strength of my destiny calling me forward.

This is my deciding point. 

I have to get through this illness. I have to learn to love myself.  

Two years later,  I have clawed myself 

to emotional and physical health and I summon up the courage to end my marriage. 

 I enjoy some good relationships but I find myself in a relationship with my Final Narcissist.  

After five years,  I no longer recognise myself as I have desperately contorted myself to fit his dysfunction.  

Then this happens...

"I am sitting in my car on a cliff buff with wild wind screaming around me and rain lashing down. 

I am crying for the 33rd day running. 

I realise how unhappy my relationship is, and that my life needs to go in a different direction. 

I am contemplating driving over the cliff. I am a wreck. 

After an ugly divorce, tumultuous relationships and a final destructive affair with a narcissist, 

I feel disillusioned, abandoned and wondering what I am doing wrong. 

I am facing a turning point. 

I realise I am my biggest problem, I am in my own way.

I am doing something that’s not working in my favour 

but I have no clue what I am doing that means I'm successful in every area of my life 

but relationships.

I had everything a modern woman is supposed to dream of having

- a husband, a house, a family, a successful career - 

yet like so many others,

I find myself lost, confused, and searching for what I really want in life. 

Newly single and heartbroken, I step out of my comfort zone, 

risking everything to change my life, 

embarking on a quest for self-discovery. 

In my journey, I discover the true liberation of Emotional Independence, 

and unexpectedly, true love.

My life's work is the treasure findings of my psychological training and personal  experiences

PLUS the hard earned secrets I discover on my quest to "love myself” 

by balancing psychological and spiritual worlds 

in the pursuit of true love and personal success. 

Zip forward to today...

For nearly 20 years, I have the best job in the world!

As their Emotional Independence Coach, I help people master Emotional Intelligence to create Emotional Independence in all their interactions with others in their life and businesses.

I couldn't wish for a better way to live than fulfilling my life's work! 

My work has been featured on BBC, Radio, Sunday Times, Independent, News of the World, EVE, Take a Break, Spirit Radio, Break the Silence Summits and Freedom Hour.

20 years " in-the-trenches" experience has led me to a place where I can provide exceptional value and service to you.

Today, my proudest achievement, (apart from my daughters of course!) is the relationship I have with myself.  

I have learnt never to abandon myself again.  

I have learnt Emotional Independence.

I have learnt that no matter what others may do or say, I am enough.  

I live a beautiful life by the ocean outside London and Malibu, California.  

I have friends I adore, 

a funny little dog called Pudding,

 a super cool cat who makes me laugh every day, 

two grown daughters who have created their own loving lives, 

nephews that I love, 

radiant health and joy, 

a life's work that is creating a legacy of  huge impact and long term success to millions ...

... and a love that's super special who shares my passion for our joint adventures and my mission to reconnect to the heart.

And now I invite you to work with me...

Today, I am a "Billionaire"!!