…to bounce from one relationship to another, always hopeful for the happily ever after — but getting nowhere but drained and disappointed.

... to have a negative story playing out despite all efforts to be as positive and spiritual as possible.

… to move through your day with a focus on other people’s happiness rather than your own + and loneliness that just won’t go away. 

… to watch your dreams drift farther + farther away from the smokin’ hot, successful, UNSHAKEABLE happy goddess you want to see in the mirror.


Throughout my life, I had been fighting a negative story that I had no clue how to defeat.  Nobody was there to guide me — or give me the loving knowledge I desperately needed.

I had to become my own emotional advocate, seek out my own archetype remedies, test my own theories, and bring myself back to emotional wellbeing and UNSHAKEABLE happiness.

I was trained in Jungian Psychology, but I became a seasoned expert — the hard way, in the trenches in my relationships.

And today?

I’m standing before you with over two decades of personal wisdom — combined with top-notch psychological training from some of the leading voices in personal development.

I’m healthy, confident and happy.  Finally, my relationships in life and business are loving, committed and supportive!

I’m here to remind you that your emotions can work for you rather than against you - even if they feel more like a runaway train, at the moment!

AND I AM LIVING PROOF THAT TRANSFORMATION IS POSSIBLE — when you discover Emotional Intelligence.


As a survivor of toxic relationships by escaping a Cult, narcissistic relationships, and surviving cancer, I found the self-compassion that drives my passion for helping others create a life they enjoy with emotions that work for them rather than against them.

 For twenty years, I coach men and women how to change their negative story, become UNSHAKEABLY happy, love without dependency and enjoy healthy relationships in life and business. 


I have featured as a guest expert on BBC, Radio, Sunday Times, The Independent, News of the World, EVE magazine, Take a Break, Spirit Radio, Break the Silence Summit and Freedom Hour.

I often get told: “You are always happy!” ⠀ I often reply I am not. ⠀

Secretly, I’ve been fighting depression since I was 7 years old. It began with crying behind the sofa when the 6 o’clock news came on. 

It’s a black dog that’s been circling my garden. 

Baying at the door and trying to get into my house for years and years. 

This is WHY I do what I do. ⠀

I’ve been teaching what I’ve learnt for 20 years since graduating from British University. 

The sadness started as a kid growing up with abuse in a Cult, my Dad dying from refusing a blood transfusion when I was two years old and continued with a destructive marriage. All of which I ran away from - only to contract cancer when my youngest was a baby.

  Terrified, I battled 2 years of gruelling chemotherapy ending with a full stem cell transplant, when it happened....the wake-up call.

As I gripped onto the bathroom sink in UCH Hospital, London, in my hospital gown, weak and swollen with steroids, I had no hair and a body that could barely stand.  I caught myself in the mirror.  

Physically I was at my lowest. And yet, as I looked into my eyes in the mirror, I saw an incredible strength.  I had to get through this illness. I had to learn to love myself.  

I clawed myself back to physical health, feeling like the worst was behind me, only to land into the arms of a man I thought I adored. He wasn’t my first narcissist but he was my last. 

When he exited my life after 5 years of Narcissist Abuse, I was left with an empty house, a broken heart but what felt like a broken soul. It was freaking painful; I wanted to die. ⠀

The more I look back on it. It wasn’t about him, them or anyone. It was about loss. It was about rejection. It was abandonment, and it was about aloneness. ⠀

Then I learnt something so frickin’ uncomfortable - I had to face the story I had been telling myself on repeat since I was a depressed child of 7 years old. ⠀

I had to tell her she had believed a whole bunch of lies.⠀

And the process was so freaking uncomfortable. It was terrifying to break the story that had been playing on repeat inside my head. At first, my “shadow” wasn’t having it. She had invested in the story of loss for so long. ⠀

It wasn’t easy. It wasn’t comfortable. It was like a death. ⠀


No-one was there with the magic wand. 

I had to find the secrets to happiness and emotional health myself.  I decided to change my life and deep dive into a personal quest to become UNSHAKEABLE. 

It was in this journey that I discovered the true liberation of Emotional Independence, and unexpectedly, true love.

I had discovered the keys to Emotional Intelligence.


My shadow and I have a new kind of relationship. I know her “favourite bad feeling” is aloneness. She’ll revert to it if I’m not loving her enough. But today, I hold her tightly as the Queen in me tells her that’s NOT the truth. ⠀

It’s just a story on repeat. It’s a big fat lie that I somehow decided when I was 7 years old. ⠀

That in itself is amazing. It means I can love - but finally love myself more. ⠀

And this is what I teach

Mastering Emotional Intelligence to reach the peak of our unshakeably happy life. 

And now it’s your turn! 

So don’t let YOUR old story keep affecting your life and book a Taster Session with me today.  

Limited Time Special only $11


And that's why I do what I do

For nearly 20 years, I have the best job in the world, sharing the message that emotional mastery is the key to being UNSHAKEABLY HAPPY. 

I am here to help you master Emotional Intelligence to fuel your happiness and improve your relationship with yourself and all your interactions with others in life and businesses so your dreams can become a reality too!


Lisa Magdalena is the down-to-earth Brit Emotional Intelligence Expert. For twenty years, she teaches how to be UNSHAKEABLE, and maintain happy, healthy relationships in life and business. Lisa is the creator of the Emotional Intelligence Method: a framework to develop emotionally mature archetypes that win hearts and fuels a life of freedom and joy. Lisa serves up straight talk wrapped in love because she understands emotional challenges.

As s a survivor of toxic relationships by escaping a Cult, narcissistic relationships, and surviving cancer, Lisa found the self-compassion that drives her passion for helping others create a life they enjoy with emotions that work for them rather than against them. These fuels topics of discussion on her blogs, live events and guest post appearances.  

Lisa’s work also specialises in helping ex-Jehovah’s Witnesses recover from Cult Abuse. She features as a guest expert on BBC, Radio, Sunday Times, The Independent, News of the World, EVE magazine, Take a Break, Spirit Radio, Break the Silence Summit and Apostate Freedom Hour. She lives in California and England and is often seen riding a Harley with her love and their little dog, Pudding. 

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Life Lessons I've Learnt

  • The gods do smile on brave women
  • I am not scared of anything but wood ticks
  • I need sisterhood
  • I kick ass good 
  • Nothing bores me more than BS
  • Great love exists
  • My body tells me when I'm unhappy, and I change the situation faster than ever
  • My fire, my fight, my strength can be loved 
  • I am lovable even when I am mad as hell
  • Being out of my comfort zone is where I grow
  • I need the ocean, people, music, nature and life around me
  • I thrive in a positive community yet enjoy being alone
  • I am a moody mare when bored 
  • I can cook a great meal 
  • I can love with my whole heart 
  • It matters less when I'm not liked.
  • I have my own back.
  • My hair is naturally wild and untameable like me.
  • I am more than enough.

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