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This Program is designed to propel successful women from dreaming of a fulfilling love life to owning the personal life of their dreams in 4 ground breaking months!

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You want to be that woman who is effortlessly loved, right?

You want to be that enviable, high status 'First Lady' blessed with the Midas Touch with delicious, committed men, money and monogamy.

You want so badly to understand how she makes a good man fall in love and stay the course.

You want to be that woman who is successful and truly loved in every area of her life.

You know the one, right? 

The successful Queen in Love who has it all in this modern world.

i am here to help!

You've done so much work, so many workshops, read every book

But all the good men have vanished or are married

Lisa Magdalena, Love Actually Coaching Program

all the handsome men are gay or players

All the Toxics, Users, Players or Losers head in your direction

Now what will you do?

  • Give up on love?

  • Go online again for another soul destroying waste of time, money and energy?

  • Pray, wish, dream and keep everything crossed that your life partner will just find you? 

Or you could...

Darling, you deserve to have it all

Lisa Magdalena, Love Actually Coaching Program

Successful Women in their 40s and 50s have very special wounds to their heart, but they haven't given up on love, they are still hopeful that it exists for them.

I love that.  That Queen spirit within you is aching for Real Love.

You don't have to give up on love, please Darling,

 especially when you are this close to your dreams...

You will discover the path to ... Love, Actually

Discover your best relationship, that you didn’t even realise existed, through secret ingredient who already lives within you...

Revive the passion, love & connection in your life.

Feel fulfilled, whole and complete with or without a partner.

Change your vibe & communication to connect with true intimacy

Manifest your soulmate & experience deep love, adoration and honour

Change the way you think of yourself as a Lover, a Woman and a Queen.   

Experience your best life of love, security, adventure, interest and partnership for good.

you have nothing to lose and everything to gain

You can stop worrying & stressing that love has passed by

As a woman who found lasting love after years of loving the wrong men

Lisa Magdalena, Love Actually Coaching Program

I had just about given up believing good men were still out there.  Having been so heartbroken, I refused to settle for less than I deserved anymore.  I had high hopes if I was going to ever love again.

As a Love Psychology Coach Consultant and Magical Woman, who knows how to flow with the Universe, plus almost 20 years coaching success and experience in the Relationship Coaching industry, I help successful women who have a great life, but not the love thing, to have their King and the life that's 100% right for them, now.

I know what you are going through right now

When I first left my marriage, I had huge hopes for love but found myself with a string of Commitmentphobes, Losers, Users and Narcisstic Men

Lisa Magdalena, Love Actually Coaching Program

The truth was, I got hurt time after time.  I'd change the face and the body of the man I was in relationship wth but mutual commitment and acceptance seemed a time limited achievement.  

I invested in relationship coaches and studied Jungian Psychology to find the answer.  But I still had no idea where to start finding the very different relationship I was looking for.   Neither did I know how to create, manifest or keep him should he ever appear.

YES I could get dates

YES I had a choice of men

YES I had been married for 14 years

YES I could make two more relationships last 5 years but I can't say I was fulfilled.

Yet, during the down time after the flush of lust, best behaviour and love bombing had worn out, I was working hard to invest in each relationship trying to make it deeper and more fulfilling than they were. 

But none of the programs really made long term change

In the end, I actually spent over $40K with university degree, healing, therapy, readings, courses, coaching, retreats and body work to learn everything I know about having the Relationship thats 100% right for you, now.

I had no real power in my relationships, I loved too much, received too little.  I was helping each man fulfil their dreams, making sure they felt good and supported. Yet, saying in those relationships left me feeling completely empty, a secret failure.

So I buckled down and knew I needed to apply all my Jungian Psychology theories, archetype analysis, coaching programs, healing and spiritual work plus all my therapy skills I had studied to combine them with the magical laws of the universe.

I did the research, put in the work and suddenly the formula started to be formed.  I practised everything I had on myself, and with so many women who wanted Love...

by reigniting their inner Queen of Love, Actually.

and everything started to click into place....

Fast forward to today...

Lisa Magdalena, Love Actually Coaching Program

My life looks very different.  I've created a love and a lifestyle that allows me time, freedom, love, 

nurture and the best of all,

my King and First Officer, my ultimate team player 

to enjoy life's many adventures with.



Well, that’s easy! I believe you deserve to have it all,

exactly as you want it.  

At the end of life, no-one says they wished they had spent more time at the office.  They only focus on how deeply they loved and were loved.  

I want you to have that special love in all your relationships today.  

Why wait any longer? 

Most women think they can change old patterns by themselves

So they make it harder than it needs to be by approaching their love life with the same strategies they used before

When an opportunity to step up comes their way they start thinking…

“This won’t work for me…” 
“I’m too scared to start again..."
“I don't have the time for ..."

Luckily that's NOT you! You're not just another ordinary woman.  You are a Queen! 

You've got your life experience under your belt, a crown on your head . You've learnt what you don't want in a relationship, and now you’re ready to setup your successful love life as rule your empire! 


I don’t want you to keep throwing time and resources away and suffer like I did.

So I’ve put together 'Love, Actually" 

The Solution to the Relationship that's 100% right for you and a life that fulfils you, now. 

Let's Talk!

> Start making great decisions working with your secret Queen in Love archetype so you can totally feel comfortable being a gloriously loved Modern Queen today.

Lisa Magdalena, Love Actually Coaching Program

> Get crystal clear on your ideal relationship  + discover what you really want.


> Create a stunning self-image that makes competition irrelevant.


> Discover how to tap into the lost art of femininity and create powerful connections in all your relationships.


> Master the art of Queen seduction, and magnetise a plethora of good men and a tribe ready to be your Allies.

> Harness the power of your life’s work to spread your message and your goodness to the masses.


> Own your personal ‘brand’ and learn how to design a life with a Powerful WOW Factor so that you stand out to Mr Right with ease and grace.


> Discover how to become wildly irresistible with advanced strategies that work!


> Reset your love canvas to release past relationships and attract your ideal connections so they gravitate to you on auto-pilot.


> Confidently present yourself ready for a real love like a goddess in this modern world.

>Learn irresistible dating techniques that follow a step by step road map to his heart.


> Master the Laws of the Universe to automate your heart’s desire and attract real connections while you sleep. 

"Life Changing" is something I hear a lot from my clients

Lisa Magdalena, Love Actually Coaching Program

Why choose 'Love, Actually'?

Compliance is never going to be right for you so this program teaches you how to be loved, cherished and adored without sacrificing yourself ever again.

Lisa Magdalena, Love Actually Coaching Program

It gets real results in love and connection in all their relationships. It focuses on improving love and dating, security and expanding your best life possible. 

The outcome will be the right relationships in all areas of your life, deep belonging, security and being the centre of a tribe in your private life as well as your business and lifestyle.

It includes 1:1 relationship coaching, group life coaching calls, full email support, personalised reviews, and full video and audios modules all in one.

Complete Online Curriculum

Weekly training modules including video and audio uniquely designed workbooks.


FOUR Monthly LIVE Coaching Consultations sessions where you will receive personal mentoring with Lisa Magdalena to address your unique goals, improve your Love Mindset and Success including Releasing the Past, Creating the New Relationship, learning to Love Yourself completely, testing the dating markets and how to date in this modern world like a Queen and so much more… 


Weekly LIVE Group Q&A Coaching sessions where you will receive both Coaching with Lisa Magdalena and Peer Support to address your relationship goals, including Overcoming Roadblocks, Managing Set Backs, Creating Triumphs, Becoming Ready And Able For Good Loving in all your Relationships.

A private and exclusive Facebook Forum

to connect with other highly driven women who are making a difference in the world of relationships with deep feminine support and connection to creating more love in their worlds.

Exclusive access to Lisa Magdalena

 via Voxer for fast track personalised support.

Networking and accountability opportunities.


Full Email Access to Lisa for 4 months

 Submit your questions directly for personalised help.

Additional access to Lisa 

by posting your questions in your private Forum.


● Exclusive access to witness the private coaching of all group members to super-charge your own relationship/dating skills & confidence.

● Private members portal where all live training and Q&A calls are uploaded for 24/7 access.

I created this Exclusive 'Love, Actually' Program because it's the ONLY way for successful women to get real results as Queens of their fulfilled lives in Love and Success.

As a Successful Woman in this modern world, you don't just need modules and videos. You need Personalised Reviews, 1:1 Coaching Sessions with your Personal Success Coach who knows you with deep intuitive connection, Group Coaching Calls to learn from your peers guided by an expert, and of course a large enough community to get support.

Don’t just take my word for it, look what members of my community have to say: 

What you will learn:

In the 4 months together you will:

Lisa Magdalena, Love Actually Coaching Program

>Redefine yourself and gain the tools to start again so you will become the Queen in Love you are born to be.

>Overcome Roadblocks so you will know what has stopped you having great relationships that last in the past.

>Release from past relationships, hurts and pains so you will have the blank canvas to create love afresh.

>Reset by accurately knowing your 'enemy' so you will be no longer be charmed by those who don't have your best interests at heart. 

>Insightful knowledge of your weak points that others have used against you and awareness of your amazing strengths so you will supercharge your power and never be dumped on again.

>Pardon those who have used you so you will experience freedom coursing through your veins and no longer be a magnet for toxic relationships that break your heart.

>Strengthen your Resources by magnetising in a tribe of loyal Allies so you will have unwavering support and new opportunities offered to you at all times.

>Previously unknown ways to make Requests to the Universe in ways it stands up and delivers so you will be living your Dream Life quicker than ever.

>Redefine yourself in the dating world with total support so you will enjoy perfect, quality dates (with irresistible online profiles if that's your bag)

>Battleplan personalised reviews of what is going right and what isn't so you will become super clear on the Relationship that you want.

>Strategic ways to Date so you will overcome dating mistakes for good.

> Re-establish the Queen you are, strong, empowered and loved. so you will become loved on the terms that fulfil you.

>Revel in the Laws of Feminine Power so you will experience the joy of being a Woman day in, day out.

>Refine your Intuition so you will trust yourself completely and never overlook those red flags again.

>Rediscover your Mission and claim your life's work so you will bring value to those you are destined to inspire and live a fuller, fulfilling life.

>Rule your world and rock your Queen power in this modern world so you will ooze wholeness and be surrounded with deep connection.

> Win and manifest a good man by being you so you will have and keep the Relationship thats 100% right for you, NOW.

Ready to claim relationship success and fulfil your desires?

● You’re totally over not being recognised as an amazing, prized treasure of a Queen .

Lisa Magdalena, Love Actually Coaching Program

  • You are done not being able to differentiate the good men from the bad until its too late.

● You’re ready to fuel your dreams by creating a life with relationships you love!

● You’re ready to make a huge impact on your world and inspire others by your example and your mission.

● You want to be completely adored and cherished and give back just as much love back. 

● You understand just how important "personal branding" is - it’s the secret sauce that’ll get you fully connected with your real tribe and your destiny day after day after day. 

● You’ve realised your thoughts and beliefs are highly linked to your love success but want fresh ways of thinking, believing and being.

● You want to know the secret to successful relationships so you can attract and keep the best relationship of your life. 

You aren’t ready yet if:

● You’re not that bothered about improving all your relationships and being loved.  Your heart has to be in it, work has to be put in for the incredible changes to happen. I can’t do the work for you.

● You’re indecisive, or noncommittal - if you can’t decide on letting your ex go or getting yourself to a place of self-love and freedom then maybe a wonderful new type of healthy relationship is just not for you!

● If you want to blame and finger point.  For this to work, you have to understand that you played a role in your past relationships.  Once you are willing to accept a responsibility then you’ll have power and attract in a different type of love. 

● You’re sceptical about loving yourself into a great life – I don’t have a lot of time to convince you to invest in yourself.

● You’d rather just do what you’ve been doing and you don’t want to know the secrets to love, relationships and fulfilment. 

Your spot can only be reserved if you’re seriously committed to changing your life and living a purposeful one starting now. 

 If that's a YES from you!  Click below to apply: