Love wants to find you...

The ‘Love, Actually’ Program is designed to take Successful Women from unfulfilling relationships to naturally attracting the love and success they deserve, even if "The Secret" has failed them.

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You want to be that woman who is effortlessly loved, right?

You want to be that enviable ‘Queen’ who seems to float through life supported with great relationships both at work and at home.

  • You want so badly to understand how to attract a ‘King’ and have your happy ever after.
  • You want to be that goddess who is simply happy in her business and her personal life.

You know the one, right? 

The successful Goddess Queen who has it all.

i am here to help!

You've done so much work, so many workshops, read every book

but you still only attract “Toxics, “Users”, and “Losers”

You’ve given it all you’ve have: 

You hustle in your business everyday trying to attract more success

then you get yourself out there, parties, online, social events and bars trying to find the 'love of your life'.

And now you’re even wondering if the ship has sailed 

and there’s no worthy single men left or you should be content with what you have.

You’ve tried burying a sense of failure, like time is running out.  

You’ve even tried even harder to be perfect, which has just resulted in achingly feeling "not" enough. 

Now what will you do? 

* Throw the towel in?

* Give up on love?  Stop striving for your higher level of success?
* Go online again for another soul-destroying waste of time, money and energy?

* Do another Law of Attraction program and suffer the mental gymnastics of old style manifesting that doesn’t produce the love and success you deserve?

Or you could… Choose the easy road.

The one that naturally attracts the love and success you deserve without stressing that something is wrong with you.


Darling, you don't have to give up on love, you don't have to hustle so hard with little results,

especially when you are this close to your ‘Worthy King’ and the soul tribe that is looking for you.

You will discover the ability to create the love and success you deserve.

The Spirit of Love is a magical force where everything you are wishing for exists.  

You may have tried to access "The Vortex" or tried "The Secret"

You may have already tried to manifest and it's just not happened?  

Perhaps you are finding the Law of Attraction frustrating and full of mental gymnastics?

This program provides the key to naturally attracting what is the best for you.  

This blesses all your relationships - romance, business, soul tribe, friendships and the one with yourself will become awesome.  

I promise.

You will discover...

Your best relationships, that you didn’t even realize existed, through a secret ingredient that already lives within you...

* Revive the missing passion, love & connection in your life. 

* Feel fulfilled, whole and complete with or without a partner.

* Manifest your soulmate & experience deep love, adoration and honour 

* Uplevel your success vibe & communication to connect with your true tribe

*  Change the way you think of yourself as a Lover, a Warrior Woman, Goddess and Queen.      


* Reach your highest life of love, connection, security, and happiness for good.   

Darling, let's talk.  You have everything to gain and nothing to lose...

Yes! I want to!

You can stop worrying about love and success passing you by

I am Lisa Magdalena and I'm here to ensure you naturally attract the love and success you deserve.


After years of loving the wrong men, I almost stopped believing good men exist.  

After years of working super hard and hitting 'glass ceilings' of success, I almost stopped believing in manifesting techniques..
I know what you are going through right now.

I had huge hopes for love but found myself with a string of commitmentphobes, losers, users and narcissistic men. 

  • I felt I was failing in the manifesting the conscious relationships I deserved..

  • I work so hard in my business and always hit a plateau of success.

Yet, I refused to settle for anything less. 

If I was going to ever love again it was going to feel 100% right for my soul. 

To be hugely successful, it had to be led by my heart and soul. 

I invested in Relationship Coaches, studied Jungian Psychology, Law of Attraction Courses and Goddess Spirituality to find the answer.  

But none of these programs made long-term change.

I still had no idea how to naturally attract the conscious relationship I was looking for in my business and love life..


YES I could get dates
YES I had a choice of men
YES I had been married for 14 years
YES I could make two more relationships last 5 years but I can't say I was fulfilled. 

YES I had a busy consultation clinic

YES I was asked to speak at events

YES I had a good income to support my family.

YES I could help many women transform their lives but I can't say I was in effortlessness flow.

I seemed to give my power away in my Relationships. I loved too much, received too little.  

I was helping each man I loved and every client to fulfil their dreams, making sure they felt good and supported. 

Yet, these relationships left me feeling completely drained and empty, a secret failure.

So I buckled down and knew I needed to apply all my experience in therapy skills, Jungian Psychology theories, archetype analysis, coaching programs, healing and spiritual work with the magical laws of the universe. 

In the end, I actually spent over $40K on a university degree, healing, therapy, readings, courses, coaching, retreats, and bodywork to learn everything I know about naturally attracting the love I deserved. 

I did the research, put in the work and suddenly a formula formed that broke through the BS and it worked. 

Fast forward to today...

My life looks very different.  I've manifested the ‘Worthy King’ of my dreams and a lifestyle that makes a huge difference to my soul tribe.  

Best of all, I created this life stress-free from frustrating mental gymnastics of traditional style of manifesting.

And now I want you to achieve the same success. Why?

Well, that’s easy! I believe you deserve to naturally attract all the love and success you deserve.

At the end of life, no-one wishes they had spent more time at the office.  Only on how deeply they loved and were loved.   

I want you to experience that love, success and connection today.   

Why wait any longer?  

This groundbreaking work hasn't just helped me attract the love I deserve...

Most women think they can change old patterns by themselves

So they make it harder than it needs to be by getting into their heads and trying to conjure up love and success by using the same strategies they have used before

But they only attract the same old, same old.

Keep doing the same thing and expecting a different result is Einstein’s defintion of insanity!  But most women still keep doing it!

When an opportunity to step up comes their way they start thinking…

“This won’t work for me…” 
“I’m too scared to start again..."
“I don't have the time for ..."

Luckily that's NOT you! You're not just another ordinary woman. 

You are a True Queen who deserves to be loved!  

You've got your life experience under your belt, a crown on your head. 

You've learnt what you don't want in a relationship and in business, 

and now you’re ready to naturally attract the love and success you deserve!

I don’t want you to keep throwing time and resources away and suffer as I did.

So I’ve put together 'Love, Actually" so you can naturally attract the Love & Success you deserve, starting today.

Let's Talk!

What's the Secret Sauce?

5 Pillars to 'Love, Actually' - Queen Mindset, Goddess Spirit, Emotional Intelligence, Spiritual Surrender, and Mental Freedom so you can:


 > Make great decisions so you become a Queen beloved by your life partner and your soul tribe.

> Get crystal clear on your ideal relationship  + discover what you really want.

> Create a stunning self-image that makes competition irrelevant.

> Discover the lost art of goddess femininity so you manifest conscious relationships.

> Master magnetic attraction for the Love ready to stay by your side.

> Develop your emotional mastery for the powerful WOW Factor that makes you irresistible.

> Discover how to naturally attract the love you deserve with advanced strategies that work!

> Release past relationships so you can restart fresh and clear (without guards and baggage)

>Learn irresistible techniques that follow a step by step roadmap to his heart.

> Master the Female Laws of the Universe so your soul mate and tribe gravitate to you on auto-pilot.

Why choose 'Love, Actually'?

It gets real results in love and connection.


The outcome will be:

  • Deep belonging
  • Your best life possible
  • Security and comfort
  • Being the centre of your soul tribe 
  • Happiness and connection at home and at work 
  • Soul-based relationships in all areas of your life

It includes 1:1 relationship coaching,

group life coaching calls, 

full email support, 

personalised reviews, 

and full video and audios modules all in one.

Complete Online Curriculum
Weekly training modules including video and audio uniquely designed workbooks.

Monthly LIVE Coaching Consultations sessions with Lisa Magdalena to address:

  • Address your unique goals
  • Uplevel your Love Mindset 
  • Release the Past
  • Create Conscious Relationship, 
  • Love Yourself completely
  • And so much more...whatever you need to get you loved!


Weekly LIVE Group Q&A Coaching sessions where you will receive:

Coaching with Lisa Magdalena and Peer Support to address:

  • Relationship goals
  • Overcoming Roadblocks
  • Managing Set Backs
  • Creating Triumphs
  • Energy shifts
  • Spiritual Surrender
  • Psychological breakthroughs
  • Emotional maturity
  • Archetype personality profiling 
  • Naturally attract the love you deserve

Private and exclusive Facebook Forum

 to connect with other Successful Women who are learning to naturally attract the love they deserve. 

Networking and accountability opportunities.


Full Email Access to Lisa for 4 months. 

Submit your questions directly for personalised help.

Additional access to Lisa  
by posting your questions in your private Forum. 


● Exclusive access to witness the private coaching of all group members to super-charge your own relationship/dating skills & confidence. 

   ● Private members portal where all live training and Q&A calls are uploaded for 24/7 access.    

I created this Exclusive 'Love, Actually' Program because it's the ONLY way for Successful Women to get real results in naturally attracting the love they deserve.    

As a Successful Woman you don't just need modules and videos. 

You need Personalised Reviews, 

1:1 Coaching Sessions with your Personal Success Coach who knows you with a deep intuitive connection, 

Group Coaching Calls to learn from your peers guided by an expert, 

and of course a large enough community to get support.   

In our 4 months together you will:

> Learn how to talk to the Universe so it delivers your dream life quicker than ever.

>Received personalised reviews of what is going right and what isn't so you become a super hot Manifester for the love you deserve.

> Magnetise in a loyal soul tribe so you have unwavering support and new opportunities on tap.

> Stop being a magnet for the wrong relationships that break your heart.

> Redefine yourself as Goddess and Queen so you ooze wholeness.

> Align with the Spirit of Love so you are completely connected. 

> Overcome blocks that stopped great relationships that last.

> Release past relationships and start love afresh without old baggage.

> Become super clear about your best interests and never be duped again.

>Uplevel your Mission Magnetism so you will bring huge impact to those you are destined to inspire.

> Win and manifest the love you deserve.

Ready to naturally attract the love you deserve?

You are ready to claim relationship success and fulfill your desires if you are ...


> Totally over not being recognised as an amazing, prized treasure. 

> You are done not being able to differentiate the good men from the bad until its too late.

> You’re ready to fuel your dreams by creating a life with relationships you love!

> You’re ready to make a higher impact and inspire others by your example and your mission.

> You want to be completely adored and cherished and give back just as much love back.  

> You understand how important it is to find the secret sauce that gets you fully connected with your real tribe and your destiny day, after day. after day.  

> You’ve realised your thoughts and beliefs are highly linked to your manifesting but want fresh ways of thinking, believing and being.

> You want to know the secret to successful relationships so you naturally attract the love you deserve.   


You are not ready if you're:

● Not bothered about improving all your relationships and being loved.  Your heart has to be in it, work has to be put in for the incredible changes to happen. I can’t do the work for you.

● You’re indecisive, or noncommittal - if you can’t decide on letting your ex go or getting yourself to a place of self-love and freedom then maybe a wonderful new type of healthy relationship is just not for you!

● If you want to blame and finger point.  For this to work, you have to understand that you played a role in your past relationships.  Once you are willing to accept responsibility then you’ll have power and attract in a different type of love.  

● You’re skeptical – I don’t have a lot of time to convince you to invest in yourself.

● You’d rather just do what you’ve been doing and you don’t want to know the secrets to love, relationships and fulfilment.

After a great day of success, you deserve this:

Let's make it happen


Your spot can only be reserved if you’re seriously committed to changing your life and living a consciously loving one, starting now.  

If that's a YES from you!  Click below to apply: