Exclusive 3 hr Intensive with your Love + Success Coach, Lisa Magdalena

With 20 years of love coaching success under my crown, I blend groundbreaking Psychology, Archetypal Science with a dose of magical soul food, so you create the perfect recipe for love and success.


What I know is, merely teaching techniques to attract romance, more success, or a quick fix promise to find your soulmate is going to be frustratingly, heartbreakingly short-lived if we don't address the underlying cause.

Some coaches work with the mindset changes, some with the body, some with energy, others with wonderful woo-hoo.

I blend all these PLUS I work with the conscious mind, the unconscious mind and the laws of the Universe. 

That means immediate and long term results.

I've helped women understand why & how they have been keeping love away for years, and taught them practical techniques that led to Kings asking them out within days. 

 I've assisted them in learning about their Queen energy, and developing it so they can feel more confident 

and let go of love pain. With others, we reduced their deep, anxious loneliness; 

worked through toxic trauma; or manifested their very own King within weeks!

These sessions are tailored to your needs because you are a Queen who runs her Kingdom her way. 

You will get tools you can use for life, as well as me personally uncovering deep transformational work that will 

set your heart free and help you break free from years of self-sabotage, unhealthy patterns or simply feeling unfulfilled.

Moreover, when you and I get together, alone focusing purely on you.  

Magic happens, darling.  You are so worth it, my angel.

Who doesn't want to have found true love, enjoy a fulfilled personal life, have more success and revel in delicious adoration?

Enjoy three gorgeous, powerful, life-changing hours with Lisa Magdalena, herself, (by Skype or in person) 

It will transform your situation and give you the tools you need to create something genuinely marvellous.

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"Life changing" is something I hear a lot. How's what Sandra said:

"I've worked darn hard to live the dream.  Yet, when I got home the place seemed achingly empty.  I'd keep myself busy, friends, TV,  a bottle of wine, the gym, anything but what I really wanted, a love life as rich as my professional world.  

Something had to change something.  I had tried to make these changes alone.  Then I found Lisa, and snapped her up as my personal Mentor.  It changed everything.  I am no longer alone through this and we redesigning my future.  It's incredibly exciting!'

Life changing.

In this Intensive we will explore your needs including:

Living a fuller life filled with love.

Letting Go of Toxic Hurts.
Discovering Hidden Limiting Beliefs.
Trusting Heart Power.
Rediscovering Safe Boundaries For Your Heart.
Unhooking From Toxic Shame
Understanding Relationship Patterns
Exploring Mother/Father Relationship
Living In Presence
Falling In Love With Yourself.
Becoming Safe To Drop The Defenses.
Body Work To Change The Psyche.
Developing Your Internal Archetype Team.
Becoming Chosen By Your Equal.

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Who is this for?

  • This is for you if you want to ignite your truly trustworthy, authentic passionate love life!
  • This is for you if you want to truly belong in your personal life, not just existing in one.
  • This is for you if you want to start action action to start fully living!

Also, if you want to:

  • Understand the patterns that keep repeating so you can get out of your own way.
  • Find your relationships are a challenge.
  • Want the relationship of your dreams but don’t know where to start.
  • Get unstuck from an old relationship that you can't seem to shift in your head. 

Transformational Benefits

Rebuild a deeper connection with your emotional centre.

Start afresh embracing psychology, physiology and energy strategies.
Self-Judgment detox secrets.
Experience Radical Self Love.
Release from toxic, unfulfilling relationships for good.
Embrace the power of your heart.
Experience Mature Love for good.
Engage in relationships at a deeper level.
Build true lasting connection.

Let's Speak

It all starts with one call to start your new journey.


Listen to these Successful Women who chose the 3Hr Intensive



"From the very first consult, I haven’t looked back. Lisa is a wealth of wisdom.  Lisa helped me develop a magical strategy for life. She made it real and gave practical guidance on how to be  loved, actually.  I am finally trusting myself after all these years of feeling lost and “in service” to others. That’s not what attracts a great life. I know that now. I didn’t know how to before. Now that I do."



“From the first call with Lisa Magdalena, I knew she had the energy and the skills to help me create my wonderful life. She taught me how to change my energy,  vibe and my unconscious secret programs that were literally magnetizing in the wrong experiences. I was a magnet for pain. Now I am a magnet for a good life. What a relief!!”



“After going back and forth with the idea of getting help for ages…I knew Lisa would be the one to help me but I had trust issues. Different coaches seem to promise something like a magic potion. Lisa doesn’t need to. She exudes love and confidence. (I love that she has been through toxic relationships and found her a great life!). She is kinda magical. I like that. The moment I said yes, Lisa leapt fully in and truly was my Mentor for the whole journey.  Where would I be without her? Where would my life be without saying yes to working with Lisa? The same old rubbish patterns over and over like a toxic soup, that’s where. NO MORE!  Even during our very first session, Lisa created a plan for me to have it all.  I am my own Queen.  I have love, security and inner happiness. She knew that was what I craved and could see how I was blocking it and how I could get it. I HAVE IT ALL TODAY."

So Good They Recommended Their Friends



"I have recommended my friends to have Lisa's 3 hr Intensive it was so good. 

I had been looking for the right Coach because I couldn’t do this part alone. All the others seemed to work on a peripheral level. I was about to give up when I asked the Universe for help. Then I came across Lisa’s work. She seems to be writing about me. I was intrigued. From the very first call, I knew she got me and my situation. I felt so connected to her as she really knows what she is doing, as she saw into my blocks like a laser beam!  When she asked me how far I was willing to leap into my inner authority, I said all the way!  I took her 'Love, Actually' Mentoring program and a few weeks down the line I have more than I ever thought possible. Magic truly happened. Say yes to Lisa! Take the leap…you have everything to gain.”


Tiffany May

"The knowledge Lisa has is priceless. It’s well worth every penny. Once I said yes to work with her…it was like magic happened. The Universe was listening!! and step by step I got everything I had always wanted.  Most importantly I got me back. I truly love my life these days.  I am blessed.  I have sent my friends to Lisa and they raved about the Intensive Session too!"

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