Mastering Emotional Independence for Happiness, Love & Money

Imagine your Most Exciting, Most Loving, Happiest and Financially Free Life.


Is it sharing your life with your most loving partner?

Is it having financial freedom and watching your bank balance get bigger and bigger?

Is it having the time and resources to travel far-flung wonders of the world?

Is it having the health, finances and energy to wake up everyday excited to be alive?

Is it living in your dream home with views that lift your spirits and a social life that feeds your soul?

Is it finally being happy? 

If you are like me, it is all of the above and MORE (with a Harley on the open road thrown in!)

Seems impossible, right?

We are told we cannot have it all. 

Evidence shows this is completely FALSE. 

BUT WAIT! Something has created brick walls that are blocking your progress.

I unlock the door so you can escape from thinking small.  We will use the alchemy that awakens the Emotionally Independent Giant you are. 

BUT your dream life will remain impossible while you keep ignoring the hidden blocks holding you back.

Fears are crippling your Greatness and Happiness.

Fears are stopping you manifesting the Dream life you desire. 

Fears are stunting the self confidence to step into your next adventure.

Fears are often subconscious and you need an expert to root them out for good.

Fears stop you manifesting a brand new life of greatness and happiness.

They stop you fully Living.

Does it seem like you have two lives living in your head? 

One life is where you are at now.

HOPEFUL for Greatness and Happiness but somehow held back from flying high.

The other life is your Dream Life.

Living a fulfilling, contented, successful happy life

with the partner of your dreams, 

living in the place that makes you happy, 

and fulfilling your purpose with financial and emotional freedom.

Which one will win?

This is my Magic - Giant Alchemy.

I awaken your sleeping Emotionally Independent Giant. 

Your Giant holds the key to manifest your Greatness AND Happiness. 

There is more to Greatness than financial freedom. 

Yes you can aim for a dream house, 

luxury cars, 

bigger bank account, 

fame and power that comes from greater success.

But money will not buy you happiness.

There is a Magical secondary pay off from Giant Alchemy. 

The gratification of working on yourself will give you the keys to being HAPPY. 

Happiness comes from emotional freedom without relying on others.

BUT WAIT! It is important to know that Bravery is required.

Wishful Thinking is not the magic wand that will make it happen.

Facing your Fears head on will.

FEAR is trying to remind you of your Superpower.

The state of fear is a signal to how you can improve your life.

So Fear is your friend.  

Its showing you where the work is and where the magic can happen.

Fear is a opportunity for Magic.

When you face your darkest fears you can step into the light.

I am The Catalyst. 

The Death of Fear's Grip.  

The Birth of Your Emotionally Independent Giant.

This is my Magical power.

I believe you already have the key to everything you want. 

But you are not using it (or don’t know how to use it) to unlock your greater future.

This Program will show you how to use this key so you can step through the door into your Greatness.

The world where you command happiness, joy, love and financial freedom. 

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Are you going to let excuses stop you having the life you want? Are you going to let Fear control you?


Fearing the Loss of Love keeps you in dead end toxic relationships or keeps you alone.

Fearing the Loss of Love cuts your tongue off and stops the Personal Boundaries and Deal Breakers that make you happy. 

Fearing Criticism stops you stepping up and reaching your peak of success.

Fearing Endings paralyses showing up as the real you.

There is no chance,  You have been looking for the expert who slays Fears and makes Magic happen. 

I have that Magic.

I am The Catalyst that will change your life.

I see what you cannot.

And I will show you how.

And I see your Archetypes are keeping SECRETS from you!

Archetypes are aspects of your Inner Core.. 

They are either fighting for you and YOU WIN.

 Or fighting against you and FEAR WINS.


This psychology model has been around for over 100 years 

and I have spent over 20 years of my life dedicated to the study of Archetypes.

I know Archetypes are the practical way to get access to your soul.  

They give your emotions a face. and a way to understand 

what's going on inside you, your strengths and weaknesses.

However, Archetype Alchemy is never taught in school, 

and rarely talked about even in personal development circles. 

No surprise then that only a few CONSCIOUSLY embrace their Archetype superpowers to manifest their Dream. 

In 20 years of coaching success, my Magic uses the flow of The Universe, 

Law of Attraction, 

Moon and Earth energy, 

PLUS Archetype psychological strategy

 to kick the ass out of fear and prepare your mind for creating the EPIC BRAND NEW YOU.

Lisa explains how

And this is what will happen when you face your darkness and step into the light:


With the love of your Life, 

crazily easy success,

super charged happiness,

emotional independence,

a mindset that's on your side.

Does that sound impossible?  Absolutely NOT!

All my 20 years worth of client successes are the EPIC EVIDENCE that the impossible can be made possible. 

Are you going to leave this Magic potential without grabbing it by the balls 

and saying "HELL YEAH! THAT'S FOR ME"?!!

You know better than that. This Program is created for you.

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Hello, I'm Lisa Magdalena, The Catalyst with the Magic to change your life.


I've been through Hell.

I've been controlled.

I've been commanded by Fear.

My heart has been broken over and over.

There's nothing you can tell me that scares the shit out of me.  

There's nothing you have been through that we cannot beat together.

I use Ancient Wisdom and Modern Archetype Psychology.

One bundle - Giant Alchemy.
My mission is to get you LIVING your Dream.  

Yep! All in.  No half measures. 

I will get you where you want to go.  Through bumps and triumphs, I will be with you all the way.

Are you ready for the ride?

See the High Impact Results

This Epic journey is not for everybody. But you, darling, aren't just anybody!

This is exclusively for: 

  • Those hungry for deep level transformation.
  • Those eager for the bliss of Emotional Independence.
  • Those seeking increased long term, sustainable success.
  • Those willing to take personal responsibility for their ideal life.
  • Those wanting to improve personal and professional relationships.
  • Those who know it's time to STEP UP to achieve more in life and love.
  • Those ready to tackle love blocks towards themselves or towards others.

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Sounds good? Johanneke, like so many others, thinks so!


P.S. I' shake my head at the current Coaching Industry. Do they actually care about results?

I'm seeing them promise the world, take your money and leave you behind without results.


NEW CLIENTS are flooding to my door exhausted after signing up to other systems that don't work.

  • My clients have tried many different things already.
  • They are already self aware but ready for MORE.
  • They have done a lot of work on themselves and require the EXPERT to get them to the next stage.
  • They KNOW I am The One to get them there.
  • They are guided by The Universe.
  • They follow their Soul's Calling.
  • They are willing to tackle fear head on.
  • They are aware their Shadow is holding them back.
  • They are open to Magical guidance.

They are The Brave.  They recognise there is a Giant within. 



Expect Results. Expect Wisdom that will blow your socks off.


Expect high touch contact whenever you need it,

Expect quality coaching that blows the doors off.

Expect to be understood, loved and challenged. 

 I am more than a Coach, 

more than a Jungian Psychology Therapist, 

more than a Soul Healer, 

I am your Catalyst, your Soul Guide.

I will love you to a brand new place of incredibly, deep unshakeable love for yourself,. 

 From that place your GIANT is born and your DREAM becomes real life.

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Don't take my word for it. Listen to what my clients are saying

Deanne, Texas


Rob, Manchester


Cheryl, New York


Caroline, Amsterdam


So.. keen on joining them? Great!

Let's get going. 

As my work is high touch with superb value, I cherish my time and high energy by only getting people on board who fall within the following criteria:

  •  You are dedicated to making the best out of this year. 
  •  You will listen to the advice given and put it into practice as much as you can.
  • You take this program very seriously and know that this is a life changer. 
  •  You feel Lisa is the one that should be guiding you to your next level.
  •  You are willing and able to invest 5000 USD in this life-changing journey. 
  • You have to be ready to leap on board even if fear is arising.  

Remember outside your comfort zone is where the magic happens.  
I've got you.  I'll be by your side every step of the way.  You will be seen.  You will be safe.

If you meet the above criteria, sign up below!  

When you are selected for the journey, most times, you will be embarking in the same week. 

So are you ready to rise like a Phoenix from what's holding you back and make serious leaps in your Souls’ growth?  

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What’s Included in the Yearly Subscription:


  Twelve On-Demand Sessions per year with Lisa Magdalena, Your "Catalyst" Soul Guide! 

Each session can be used either as an Intuitive Consultation or Archetype Psychology Coaching, 

rinse and repeat whenever you like.  

Each session last 30 minutes and can be used anytime, as frequently as you like, within a 12 month period.

✔    Unlimited Voxer Access to Me for one year 

      Voxer is a fabulous free voice messaging app for your phone. 

 IIt's like a walkie-talkie directly with me, so we can communicate as often as needed, 

even when I am walking Mr Pudding (I'll even park up the Harley where possible.)  

I will return all Voxer messages within 12 hours or less, 

so it will be like having your very own Archetype Soul Guide on retainer.

Darling, I'll be practically an angel on your shoulder all day long!

✔    Monthly Archetype Training (12 total Archetype pieces of training per year)

              Each month I do a deep dive into your Archetypes uncovering on the Inner Team that's creating your life right now.  Most are undiscovered, unheard and probably fighting each other at this very moment. And that needs sorting ASAP.

With this knowledge you will reach your absolute peak.  

These trainings will be recorded, and you will receive the link via email for lifetime access to use whenever you need it.

✔    Access to a Private Facebook Group Community 

My private high-vibe, online community is a Emotional Independence movement in itself. 

An online support system with a tribe of The Brave also on the journey to becoming Giants.

Moreover, there's more for the road!

In addition to the above, PAY IN FULL members will receive this BONUS course worth $297

 ✔    “Arise"

       This digital course is the prerequisite to starting the Program.  

It is designed to walk you through the basics for changing your mindset, behaviours and old programming.  

In this course, you will super boost your confidence, fulfilment and happiness .

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Listen to what these clients want to tell you.

Laura, London


Dan, Munich


Emily, Los Angeles


Melissa, Dallas


Program Fees

Yes, I believe in being totally authentic; what you see is what you get transparency.

No need to have a Discovery Call to find out my fees... They are right here!

Early Bird Special

$5,000 USD 

For A Years Worth of GIANT ALCHEMY

( $8,000 Regular Price  ) You save $3K 

Payment Plans Available - Enquire Today

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