Relationship coaching session to stop attracting wrong men

Lisa Magdalena, Find out the Real Reason

Lets' stop wasting time. Let's save you heartbreak right now.

This is for you if you are sick of your love life just not going as you planned.

It is for women exhausted by men who just don't deserve them, see them, commit to them, adore them, stay with them or allow them to be their glorious, powerful selves. 

Let's stop this frustration right away and get you the love you deserve.

If you are done with toxic men, tired of attracting Users, Losers and Narcissists

 or fed up with a non-existent love life 

then join me on a breakthrough session to find out the real reason your relationships haven't been working up to now.  Once you know, you can restart afresh and have the relationship you want.

Let's get you off this exhausting cycle today.

Maybe you're frustrated that your relationships seem to repeating  the same old cycle.  

Perhaps you got out of a rotten one, clawed your way out of heart break and ready to start refresh.  

Perhaps you have been looking but can't find the guy who's strong and true and you've become tired of waiting for him to arrive.

But unless you find out the real reason why your relationships aren't going right the hamster wheel of frustration continues.

Darling, that's exhausting and you don't want to be in that time-wasting spiral anymore.

That's how I can help you right now.  You'll get my laser beam awareness that uncovers your blind spots in less than 30 minutes.

Once you know, everything changes, and from there you can prepare for real love.


I understand. I've been where you are too.

Lisa Magdalena, Find out the Real Reason

My love life used to end up a frustrating & disappointing mess. I used to feel like a failure.

But my "failure" in relationships was my "failure" in not seeing the real reason they weren't working.

And it's not what you expect!

My Breakthrough came when I found out the real reason why I was trapped in the same old cycle.

Armed with this knowledge, I changed my patterns.  I got off the hamster wheel and got myself ready for the beautiful, tender love I am enjoying right now. 

Thank goodness.  Heartbreak and frustration no more!  I can help you get there too.

Everyone has different blocks. 

Are you ready to uncover yours?

Sound good?

I guarantee you will get the answer too.


It just takes one step to find out...


Don't take my word for it, here's what these real women say;

Lisa Magdalena, Find out the Real Reason


“I was so frustrated by my love life.  I needed answers and my friend recommended Lisa Magdalena.  I wanted to understand what was going on.   She saw through me quickly and knew what my needs were. She has helped me to open my heart and commit to manifesting my wildest dreams of true love alongside financial success. She is consistent, honest, loving, tough, and committed to you. I highly recommend her as a Coach/Mentor for anyone on their highest journey to love. I am so grateful for her presence in my life. I thank the Universe for bringing us together. I know this meeting was meant for me to live my highest journey of love wealth consciousness possible. Invest in yourself by investing your time with Lisa Magdalena."

Lisa Magdalena, Find out the Real Reason


"Holy Moly.  Lisa nailed the real reason my relationships haven't been working within 8 mins!  I spent the rest of the call with my mouth wide open in shock at the accuracy of everything she told me about myself.  I immediately booked for a Psychic Reading to find out even more.  Lisa is my Number One go to person now for guidance on improving my relationship.  With her assistance I have now stopped making the same mistakes.  Go me!!"

Lisa Magdalena, Find out the Real Reason


“Lisa has helped me every step of the way with invaluable insights in this relationship coaching session.  I found the real reason my relationships weren't working.   She then laid out a strategy for creating a life of love and success.  I can’t wait to launch into her Mentoring program 'Love, Actually" because I know that is going to work too! Thanks Lisa you are a Queen Superstar!”