The must-have digital Program for those wanting love

This Program will change your vibe for good.


If you are done feeling like love is escaping you.

if you are fed up with being self-critical and down on yourself as a Queen without her King.

If you are so done with toxic relationships and ready to manifest your Great Love…  

Then this program is for you.

You will learn to become a delicious magnet for great love

Fall in love with yourself

Change the way you do relationships forever!

Become a magnet for joyful friendships

Live in an abundant vibe

Improve your relationships and happy family life

Radiate positivity and create a fun happy life

Sound good?

Are you wondering why deep love is evading you?

Are you ready to fall in love?

Perhaps you had hoped that your Prince Charming will find you and you are getting tired of waiting.  Darling, you are a Queen, and here is the toolkit to magnetise in your dream love.  

Why waste any more time making the same mistakes?

Why not start everyday with a spring in your step, a sass to your wiggle and a twinkle in your eye because you found the secret sauce

Why not start this new life today, Queen?  

Let's transform you into a Love Goddess.

The day I woke up my Love Goddess everything changed.


I know the sink-hole of not feeling enough.

I have experienced the hell caused by not loving myself enough.  This led me into toxic relationships where my soul felt like it was spiralling downwards. My passion left me and I felt like a failure.

But slave to those patterns no more!!  I learnt how to get how get out of the loop and get loving!

I've done the hard work so you don't have to. When I awakened my Love Goddess I truly began to love

It's taken years, a lot of investment, study, training and hard knocks to uncover the secrets that I can't wait to share with you in this e-Course.  

It continues to work for me and the many, many women who have enjoyed the course before you.  It will work for you too.  

You will ignite your Confidence so you rock your world with joy.

You will let go of the conditioning so your relationships improve !

You will heal your heart and toxic shame so you become a magnet for Great Love.

You will call in your Beloved so your energy naturally does the magnetising.  No more searching for a needle in the haystack!!

You will reignite your Mojo so you feel glorious, alive and sassy!

You will re-awaken your passion and purpose so you love your life!

Transformational Benefits

You will:

Ignite your radiance and your beauty. 

Reawaken your eye twinkling Mojo. 

Ramp up your Queenliness. 

Rule your world with Heart Power! (Biggest turn-on for a King!)

Experience Radical Self Love.


Heal your heart to become aligned with true love. 

Fuel  your passion and purpose. 

Bask in the winner mindset.

Become your true self and not what you were told to be! 

Awaken your Feminine Power! 

It’s time you became a Love Goddess too.

But don't take my word for it...

Penny. Business Manager.

"Embody your Love Goddess e-Course has been a true blessing to me. I had tried everything to love myself and nothing was working.  This training program has given me the tools to love myself like no-one else has before. I am finally feeling free. Working with the love goddesses is a life changing experience. I feel whole and that’s just the beginning. Thank you so much Lisa for your channeled wisdom, generosity and love."

Carol Ann. Professional Cyclist.

"Working with ‘Embody Your Love Goddess" e-Course has opened me into beautiful love and relationships. I now truly love who I am, revolutionising my dating life. My energy has changed.  I have now become a magnet for a deeply commitment as well as being loved by all around me. Lisa helped me find my passion and my calling.’

Lucy. Mindset Coach.

"I am hugely successful professionally but kept seeming to fail in my personal life. Working at this level has changed my life. I’m attracting a different type of relationship and it’s just beginning.'"

What you get on this e-Course

Module One: Harness the Goddess Queen Power.

Harness the power of each love goddess to wake up the sleeping, hiding and lost parts of yourself.  

Claim your birthright as a radiant love goddess, confident and ready for love.

Module Two: You are not who they say you are.

Discover the secrets to who you are. Learn how to find yourself. 

Forget who you were told to be and become who you are destined to be.

Module Three: Watch the Queen Conquer.

Discover the secrets to more strength, more Queen-Like self confidence and wiser heart empowered decision-making. 

Module Four: Awaken your Mojo!

Discover the secrets to loving your body. Increase your self care.

Appreciate your beauty.  

Experience the best anti-ageing energy  secret on the planet.

Become filled with radiant beauty. 

Discover the key to revel in being WO-MAN!!

Module Five: Become Beloved and Trust yourself completely

Discover the secret to trust your own wisdom.

Know exactly who is right for you. 

Never ignore the red flags again!  

Discover how to heal your heart so it can open to true love. 

Limited Time Bonus Modules:

Bonus #1: Living in Abundance Mindset.

Discover the secrets to increasing your passion and purpose.  

Learn how to trust your bliss and create even more security. 

Bonus #2: Hello Love Goddess Queen!

Discover the secrets to harnessing the power of all these love goddesses and become a real life Love Goddess here on this planet.