I'm so happy you are here.

If you've landed on this page it means you are ready to take your personal growth, success and life to the next level.



Do Any Of These Statements Resonate With You?

 ✔  I know I am meant for more but I've lost my way.  I'd love someone to hold my hand through the process and help me get clear.

✔  My life has changed so much, I feel I've lost who I am.  Where on earth do I begin?

 ✔  I want to change my job, get into a relationship and manifest my dreams!  How do I do that?

 ✔  At this point in my life, I feel at a different place than my friends.  I feel I have no-one to talk to about my hopes and dreams.  I would love to talk to someone who gets me, dreams big and believes in me!

 ✔  Why do I keep making the same mistakes and repeating my old patterns?  I'm ready to create a change that finally sticks!

 ✔  Everytime I get an idea, I put myself down by comparing myself to others, feeling I've left it too late, I'll never be as good as others or that no-one will want me. I really need my motivation to be kept on track despite these dark feelings!

If you relate to any of these; then congratulations The Universe has guided you to the right place

All the guidance, support and direction you are seeking is right here!


Why I created The Emotional Intelligence Masterclass Program

I've been coaching private clients for two decades.  It all started 20 years ago with my dream to help people move out of their negative story and into making their dreams a reality.  My services support you in every area of your life, from love and relationships to wellbeing, career, success, spirituality and more, 

My super power is teaching the missing elements of Self Worth  through Emotional Intelligence so UNSHAKEABLE  contentment, happiness and self confidence could become an everyday experience. 

This was something I had to learn for myself.  As an emotional person, I have experienced the pain of emotions working against me rather than for me.  They led me into making unhealthy decisions in my personal and business life.  They landed my heart in hot water, knocked my self-confidence and wounded my self-esteem.

One by one I learned how to heal my fearful perceptions, deepened my self-love and life coaching practice and took right actions towards my dreams.  

Today, I am proud to say my life is very different.  I am experiencing la deepening loving relationship with myself and others.  I finally feel an UNSHAKEABLE contentment, confidence and balance despite the twists and turns of life.  I found the way to make my dreams a reality.  I am living proof of the magic of Emotional Intelligence .

I've been blessed with the opportunity to teach and coach thousands of people through my blogs, live events and coaching programs to help them make their emotions work for them (rather than against them) so they know how to turn their dreams into reality too.

But what's most important is that I am fulfilling my mission: to help you master your emotions so you can confidently live and love in your own unique way.

I created the Emotional Intelligence Masterclass Program to remind you that your emotions matter but do not control you. That people want to love you and your personal transformation has the power to light up all those around you and make your dreams a reality.

The Emotional Intelligence Masterclass Program focuses on the Badass Way To Love Yourself Program by  guiding you step by step to gain Self-Love mastery and improving all your relationships in life and business whether you're starting a new or building on your personal growth.

You'll receive the priceless practice guidance you need to get to the next level.  I'll help you create a clear and powerful plan so you can take action right away and far into the future.

Most importantly, you'll gain the confidence to rise up in all your profound contentment, confidence and relationships - work and pleasure. 

I feel a deep responsibility to support every element of your journey.

It is time to experience UNSHAKEABLE happiness, love and abundance.  It all starts with you.  This is your time.

Love, Lisa xx

What is Emotional Intelligence Masterclass Program?

The coaching program that helps you gain the confidence and tools to understand, navigate and sharpen your emotions so you can get them working for you rather than against you.  This will give you lasting contentment, confidence and a peace that's UNSHAKEABLE.

here's what you can expect when you sign up for MY cOACHING


who is this for?

If you've been thinking about up-levelling your life - this is for you.


For more than two decades, I have been the Leading Emotional Intelligence Expert.  My Confidence Coaching Program has helped thousands of people create unshakeable confidence and healthy relationships. 

Now it's your turn.

During The Emotional Intelligence Masterclass Program,  I'll life coach and guide you to...

 ✔  Identify and clear the blocks that keep you from being happy, fulfilled and loved.

 ✔ Follow my proven Archetype Development Method to bring you the knowledge and ability to take positive action and make healthy choices in every situation.

 ✔ Clear obstacles to overcome self doubt so your dreams become a reality.

 ✔ Experience unapologetic self acceptance and unshakeable self love.

 ✔ Use these gifts to bless all those around you - your partner, children, family, friends, community and business.

 ✔Gain the confidence to be authentically you in every area of your life.

 ✔ Learn how to stand out and radiate your Giant Magnificence using my Soulful Archetype System.

A training for all levels

The  Emotional Intelligence Masterclass Program attracts people from a wide range of personal and professional backgrounds.  I'll meet you where you are on your path.  I'll hold space for your greatest desires - and I'll life coach and guide you to create the self confidence changes you've been wishing for.  

The only requirement for this confidence coaching program is that you want to grow, move away from the shallow and live a life of deep meaning.




"Lisa helped me to "see" what I simply couldn't."

"Lisa got me out of a spiral and until manifestation mode."

"Lisa got me out of a spiral and until manifestation mode."

"If we ask, I believe the Universe always sends us who and what we need.  Thankfully, the Universe sent me Lisa.

No matter how spiritual, connected, intelligent, or experienced you are, there are always things we don't know or can't see. 

With love, compassion, empathy and strength, Lisa's self confidence coaching program helped me move forward.  She showed me that all I needed was a new perspective and a jolt of confidence from someone who believed in me, more than I believed in myself.

I am so grateful for the life coaching advice, guidance and loving support that Lisa offered me.  She helped me find my way through a difficult time and to come to understand the parts of me that puzzled and confused me.  She helped me see the perspective that I simply hadn't been able to see."

I highly recommend Emotional Intelligence Masterclass Program if you are in a stuck place, need encouragement, and are looking for new insight and direction that you work with Lisa, you won't be disappointed.

Laurie Elle McSwiggin

Founder of Our Sight, Your Light


"Lisa got me out of a spiral and until manifestation mode."

"Lisa got me out of a spiral and until manifestation mode."

"Lisa got me out of a spiral and until manifestation mode."

"I like Lisa's life coaching style.  She full of compassion and strength and her confidence coaching program pulled me back up whenever I was falling back into talking down on myself.  

I knew I had potential but lacked self confidence.  This was really tripping my love life too.  The more I felt like I was failing, the more my self-esteem was sinking. 

We worked on me first and then manifesting the life I wanted.  Mindset is everything and yet I hadn't considered emotional intelligence before.

Working with Lisa helped me see how I was creating the same obstacles in my career and relationships.  One by one we crushed them.

I learnt how to be the power source in my life. I am no longer the victim I have felt since as a kid.  I am the creator of my own destiny.  

Ever since I have been taking strong action and success is happening.  I now have a loving partner and together we are creating a great life."

Don McClaney

Performing Artist


“Working with Lisa has changed my life dramatically."

"Lisa got me out of a spiral and until manifestation mode."

“Working with Lisa has changed my life dramatically."

"Since working with Lisa's confidence coaching program, I have become a whole, sovereign, self-loving Queen of my domain. My business is growing.  My relationships improving.  I am living my divine mission. 

I was feeling constricted. I knew I needed to do something.  Lisa saw through my scared inner child and talked to the dormant Queen in me. 

Having Lisa as my Life Coach, enabled me to embrace a limitless life, have self confidence  and unconditionally love myself. Through her guidance, I was able to embody Emotional Intelligence, self-love, set boundaries, open my heart to my Divine Partner, my children and my clients. 

Lisa is an extremely caring and committed coach.  Her psychological training and life experience was the outstanding combination that allowed me to awaken rapidly.   I know I would still be feeling “not enough” if I hadn’t started working with her. "

Gila Nehemia

Author, Coach, Speaker


We go straight to the core.


There are plenty of programs that teach you how to manifest your dream life and even more to teach your self-confidence. But none take the time to really unpack what's getting in your way of having it all.

Maybe you've taken these programs without long term results.  Now take the one that will get you actually living the life you want without ever loving too much or being overtaken by your emotions again.

Instead of trying to "manifest" or make things happen, you'll learn how to make the most positive decisions and emotionally mature healthy actions.


"I do not recognise the person I was a year ago."

"Lisa provides the highest quality coaching services. She will help you not just heal but have it all."

"Lisa provides the highest quality coaching services. She will help you not just heal but have it all."

"There is absolutely no doubt that Lisa is one of the best self confidence Life Coaches - in the world!!! 

Lisa breaks you through awareness of where you may be in the present, right through to blossoming into the Sovereign you deserve to be in every area of your life. 

Emotional Intelligence helps you understand certain negative behaviour patterns from those around you and truly encourages you to break those cycles from ever happening again.

I only know I still would be going round in circles, overcome by anxiety if I hadn't taken this Confidence Coaching Program." 

Morgan Faye - Published Author 


"Lisa provides the highest quality coaching services. She will help you not just heal but have it all."

"Lisa provides the highest quality coaching services. She will help you not just heal but have it all."

"Lisa provides the highest quality coaching services. She will help you not just heal but have it all."

"I discovered Lisa and her Emotional Intelligence Confidence Coaching Program and immediately felt connected to her. 

She radiates trust and deep care. I felt like I could share anything with her and she would never judge. 

Since our first Life Coaching session, she always supports me through the challenge and bumps of changing patterns, gently invites me to go deeper into self confidence as she holds sacred non-judgmental space. 

I highly recommend working with Lisa." 

Lara Elco - Leadership Coach


"Emotional Intelligence Coaching gave me the wisdom to heal from toxic relationships for good."

"Lisa provides the highest quality coaching services. She will help you not just heal but have it all."

"Emotional Intelligence Coaching gave me the wisdom to heal from toxic relationships for good."

"I was emotionally entangled in my third bad relationship in a row.  I was about to give up on finding a good woman.  Then I read Lisa's blogs and knew she had the answer.  

I took the Emotional Intelligence Confidence Coaching Program to work out what was missing.  I found out what had been going wrong and I found myself.  

If anyone is on the fence, I highly recommend Lisa's life coaching program. She has a gift for just knowing your particular situation.  She is crazily knowledgable like no other Coach I know.  

Those two things combined make her your best path to the road ahead." 

Nathan Mills - Producer


Here's s what you can expect:

What's included in our year together


  Six On-Demand Sessions per year with Lisa Magdalena, Your Emotional Mindset Expert! 

Each session last 40  minutes and can be used anytime, as frequently as you like, within a 12 month period.

✔    Unlimited Voxer Access to Me for one year 

Voxer is a fabulous free voice messaging app for your phone. 

IIt's like a walkie-talkie directly with me, so we can communicate as often as needed, 

even when I am walking Mr Pudding (I'll even park up the Harley where possible.)  

I will return all Voxer messages within 24 hours or less, so you will have your very own Emotional Mindset Expert on retainer.

Darling, I'll be practically an angel on your shoulder all day long!

✔    Monthly Archetype Training (12 total Archetype pieces of training per year)

Each month I do a deep dive into your Archetypes uncovering the Inner Team that's creating your life right now.  Most are undiscovered, unheard and probably fighting each other at this very moment. And that needs sorting ASAP.

With this knowledge you will reach your absolute peak.  

These trainings will be recorded, and you will receive the link via email for lifetime access to use whenever you need it.

✔    Access to a Private Facebook Group Community 

My private high-vibe, online community is a Emotional Independence movement in itself. 

An online support system with a tribe of fellow Bravehearts also on the journey.

Moreover, there's more for the road! In addition to the above, PAY IN FULL members will receive a BONUS worth $297


Register for Emotional Intelligence Masterclass Program Now

I believe in total transparency so no need for a Discovery Call to find out my fees.

Usual Price - £3997 / $4997 USD

But, BOOK  before June 8th  2020 and receive the DISCOUNT saving you £1000 GBP / $1300 USD!!

Pay only - £2997  / $3700 USD 


PLUS RECEIVE BONUS=  £297 Arise Program

( Payment Plans available.)


If you aren't ready yet for a full commitment to The Badass Way To Love Yourself Coaching Program, 

I invite you to try me out and see how my proven  Emotional Intelligence  Method will super charge your Self Worth  so you  create a  life you love ! 

Single Session Price £127  GBP / $160 USD

You can buy up to  4 at the price. 


If you decide to join the year long Emotional Intelligence Masterclass Program,

the money you paid for your single sessions will be deducted from the Program price.


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