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Sharon. Head Teacher.

"Lisa is a Queen of Queens.  I just knew I wanted to join this 'Arise, Queen!' 6-weeks eCourse.  My intention is to get back on my throne and make sure no one or nothing can “dethrone” me ever again."  

Jade. Business Manager.

"I chose 'Arise, Queen!' Course to become stronger in my own standing and to call for my King. I am already a Queen but would like to draw the one and only King to my side. I am thankful in the area of career, friendships and motherhood. Although lessons can always be learned to strengthen these areas, my focus now is to bring my King by my side. The true King who will stand with me. Not these boys that want to play but the true man that will take me as his so together we can rise up in the Kingdom together and become a Powerful Successful Couple/Unit.  This course is certainly helping me to stand tall within myself. It is teaching me to change the way I handle myself.  I am manifesting my twin flame and my love to come into my life and stand by my side. I can feel the powerful shift happening and it's incredibly exciting".

Gila Nehemia. Writer, Coach, Wise Woman.

"I chose this course because I am looking to lay strong foundations for my kingdom. I am excited about achieving this because I have a lot to offer and I am calling in my tribe to help serve the larger collective. It is our time to shine and rise, to change the consciousness of those who are willing to step into their new story, live their highest journey and connect to their divinity".

What you will gain:

Increase your Confidence, Fulfilment & Happiness to magnetise in more success

Learn how to free your mind from the hidden ways you hold yourself back

Discover the ways you surrender your power and learn how to stop that pattern for good.

Receive strategies to create a life that truly matters.

Discover powerful mindsets shifts 

Strengthen your healthy decision making in your love life and business life. 

Learn how to make The Universe stand up and deliver!

Find out how to inspire others to follow your vision. 

What 'Arise, Queen!' e-Course will teach you

Module 1: RELEASE. 

Break the slavery chains so you can start creating a life that truly matters. We are talking powerful mindsets shifts here!

Module 2: RELIEF

Discover who you really are when you are not controlled. Decide who and what you will allow in your kingdom. You are in charge!

Module 3: REQUEST. 

Get clear with the Universe. State exactly what you want with your Queen Manifesto and Decree Laws so that the Universe can deliver! 

Module 4: CORONATION. 

Claim your Crown with this magical coronation ceremony ritual. Embody your Queen power so you can get ruling your world powerfully happy ever after.

Module 5: MISSION

Define New Rules and New Laws so you create your best life ever and inspire others to follow your vision.

Module 6: RULE

Empowered living techniques and tools so you increase your Inner Authority and become magnetic for success. 

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Elizabeth, Entrepreneur.

 "Very powerful...I love everything about it...I’m on a precipice, personally and professionally.  I feel like I was meant to connect with Lisa Magdalena.  I feel a soul remembrance as I listen to her voice and I feel very easily aligned with my Queen now.  Although, I’ve struggled of late with fully stepping into that role.

I love Lisa's energy and the goddesses who walk with her are very powerful.  I truly am ready to own my Queendom."

Danny. Artist

 "I’m looking forward to picking myself up, dusting myself down and getting on with creating the life I know I want and deserve. I’m ready to focus on what I want and to let out a roar of intention that is going to ricochet around the universe and back. I am not here to create a mediocre life and I am ready to show myself that I am a powerful creator regarding every area of my life. I’ve been getting ready for this for a while and finally I’ve decided that it is time to really make a stand now and to honour my own integrity and wisdom.  I’m very happy to be on this wonderful new journey."

Layla. Trainer.

"Hi Everyone I am Layla! I am a Warrior, Lover, Adventurer and seeker of Radical Truth.  Lisa Magdalena is truly awesome. I love learning from her, she always has amazing insights into how I can live my highest journey. I am excited to be on this journey to claim my Kingdom to spread my message for my tribe, my king and for humanity. Having completed this amazing eCourse, I couldn't wait to sign up for her 'Love, Actually' Coaching program.  It's awesome!  Life changing.  Thanks Lisa Magdalena you are pivotal in my growth!"


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'Arise, Queen!' 6-wk eCourse


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Hear from more real women who also transformed...

Anna, Israel

 "This Course helped me to love myself and know that my inner Queen can self correct. This contains very powerful web courses modules. We are not victims we are co-creators. It also helped me to trust more deeply in my desires and my intuitiion. As I step into trusting my intuition to build my business and my "new" life I am called to trust in the Divine in ways I have not done before. Thank you for supporting me in these online classes to create my new path Lisa Magdalena! Truly grateful for your groundbreaking webcourses, guidance and support!"

Melissa, USA

“I want to thank you again, Lisa Magdalena due to your suggestions, my King has found his true Queen. Lisa you are an amazing woman. You glow with love. I can actually "see" your Aura. And I have never seen a person with such a vibrant positive rainbow of light that glows. Peace and love to you. I think we had the same kind of history as a little girl. You helped me come out of my shell. Hugs. I’m lucky to have you as a kindred spirit.” 

Emma. Model

"I am so very thankful to have Lisa Magdalena in my life. The Universe knows we need to be aligned to get me where I need to go in life. When I think about a behaviour or situation, she knows before I do and confirms my thoughts. The 'Arise, Queen!' Course is confirming I am on the brink of something phenomenal and I feel, with all of my heart and soul that Lisa Magdalena is placed here to guide me to my destination. Definitely one of my Queen Allies."


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'Arise, Queen!' 6-wk eCourse


Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card